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How to Read the World Tarot Card

Learn how to read the World tarot card from expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


Hello. I'm Ellen Goldberg and I welcome you on behalf of The School of Oracles to this moment of taro. In this segment, we're going to look at the Whirl card. The final card in the entire Major Arcana. How wonderful it is to see the world answer here. She seems to have no reason other than pure being as she dances lighter than air. So it's a surprise to find out that she is ruled by the planet Saturn, the heaviest earthy planet of Karma. This is to be interpreted that spirit is everywhere and even the heaviest, most dense material existence is filled with spirit. Her Hebrew letter is Tav, which means 'Mark of God'. This is the Divine, the divine as the heavenly Androdrine. With this card, this being, is both masculine and feminine equally. You do not see her male sexual organs because they are covered by the scarf. Now we already know that the taro is not shy, we have seen completely naked men in the lover's card, in elsewhere in the taro. Why are they covered here and we only see her feminine nature? For two reasons, one is that the actual creative arget, the very heart of creation is mystery. The other is that the universe is slightly predominantly feminine. And within ourselves, in both men and women, it is the feminine aspect, the receptive side that is most open to the true self.

She is lighter than air, one foot is down and it shows the connection to earth, the other foot is up which shows the souls release. We have seen the great Hindy god, Shiva, who is also called 'The Dancer' who dances in the Heart Cave in this very same pose in ancient statues. You'll notice that the heavenly androgine is dancing within a reef, this reef is called a Mandorla. And if we had two circles that intercept it, they would form that oval in their intersection so it is a symbol of the union of opposites and it's also a doorway, like a womb because the heavenly androgine is going to be reborn as the full, as a new cycle is about to start. In the four corners of the cards just as we've seen in the end of the wheel of fortune, we see the four fixed signs of the zodiac except here often the bull in many, uh, versions of this card looks down towards Earth in manifestation. The two rods in her hands are not necessarily magic wands, they are the rods of involution and evolution which are constantly taking place. This is called their Hebrew letter is Tav, the 'Mark of God', and it is the administrative intelligence. When we come to this card, we are dropping the personality and become a helper, a part of the cosmic government so that we take care of our world, our universe. When this card appears for you in its higher polarity, you're taking part in helping the world to go forward. You have achieved cosmic consciousness, this is the final stage of spiritual involvement, Nirvana, cosmic consciousness.

All feelings of separateness are going forever. When you receive this card on the higher polarity, whatever you are doing is crowned with succcess and you are living in the here and now just as she does. When it is in the lower polarity, you are making the same mistakes over and over, there is an older list of heathen term for it called the 'Endless Round' and that's probably what you're experiencing or the weight of the world. She's lighter than air and dancing on air for a world as a denser particles on the higher polarity but it's dense and heavy and probably that influence of Saturn is weighing heavy on your shoulders.

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