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How to Read the Aces Tarot Cards

Learn how to read the Aces tarot cards from expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


Hello, I’m Ellen Goldberg and welcome to A Tarot Moment from the School of Oracles. In this segment, we’re gonna take a brief look at the four aces. The four aces are the leading card of each of the four suits and they embody the element in their purest form. In fact, their name is always the root of the element of whichever suit. And that root has its being miss in heaven.The aces are very powerful cards. They’re the most powerful cards in the Minor Arcana. When you get an ace in the reading, you know that something very big is happening. A strong force is present and you take it seriously. Each of these is very close the meaning of itself and we’ve done segments on the four elements so it might be fun to go and refer to them also to refer to them as the Tree of Life because we talked about how each of the groups of cards, the twos, the threes, and of course the aces belong to the corresponding Sephira on the Tree of Life. 

The aces belong to the very top of the Tree of Life, the Kether.And therefore, it is spirit incarnate or actually not incarnate yet, but spirit on its way to be incarnate. The Ace of Wands you see is a masculine card.Notice how the Wand is very valiant looking. It’s so alive. The little green leaves show the onrushing of spring. They shape very much like yards which is a seed, the building block of the entire Hebrew alphabet. There’s power here, and vitality, and passion. When the Ace of Wands comes in the reading and it’s well dignified know that there could not be any better card to receive at the commencement of an enterprise because there is so much of the onrushing force of life here. There’s potency, there’s energy. When it’s in a more negative mode, or ill-dignified, lower polarity then it’s energy that is impudent or too much energy, fury, and calamity. Be aware negative Ace of Wands can have so much energy all blocked up that it can be very damaging. The Ace of Cups is feminine and all the aces are gonna alternate masculine, feminine, masculine, and feminine, the Ace of Cups because cups refer to emotions, psychic development,feelings, intuition, creativity, and love. We see what a loving card it is as the dove who is sacred to Venus descends to the cup of receptivity, ad fills the cup so, so that it runs over. When you get the Ace of Cups in the reading on the higher polarity, it’s love, yearning, psychic development, caring, inspiration.On the lower polarity it could be psychic drain or you going down the drain emotionally, or the creativity all blocked up for someone who is totally self-absorbed. The Ace of Swords is one of the most important parts in the deck because swords are the change suit, and the ace being the most powerful of the swords. This is the card of ultimate change. Change is coming, change in your process. This is the sword of truth and it represents the middle pillar on the Tree of Life. How do we know that? Because we see the top, the Crown which is Kether.

We see somewhere in the middle the six floating Yods which represents the sixth sephira, Tipareth, the Sun which is the direct reflection of Kether. Each of the hand of aces which is the hand of God will often see it appear like this in all the alchemical and spiritual manuscripts. And each hand is slightly different. You can kind of see the personality that it give to the element. That hand on the Ace of Swords is ready for action. This is the sword of spiritual brightness,is a sword of truth. When the Ace of Swords shows up in the reading, know that there’s going to be a lot of change in your own personal process, or even more importantly, change in your thoughts about yourself, your identity. The “I am…���you fill in the blank is one of the things that determines our entire experience of life. This card will show you that there is an enormous powerful force at work could be for good or could be for evil or could be for evil because the greater the light, the greater the shadow. And when this card is in its lower polarity,there is untruth. There is the invoking of force, uh, for, well, purposes that are just no good. There’s a lot of power here. When it’s upright, think of the brightest, finest, truthful things in the world, then when it’s reversed there’s lies and deceit and change in blocked. The Ace of Pentacles is like the sun in the sky. The pentacle as I’ve mentioned in another segment is not just a coin. It is a magical symbol of earth and here it shines like the sun over a garden and that garden, remember the path we have seen in so many of the Major Arcana cards and even in some of the Minor Arcana cards, well here is where it leads. 

It’s come back to the Garden of Eden. The Pentacles are interested in manifestation and this would be has to do with results, and if you get it in the reading, the finest detainment in the matter possible. It is absolute materialization and success of whatever you’re working on. With Pentacles also deal with the body,and the home, and all earthly things. On the higher polarity, it resolves manifested attainments, perhaps money and security. And on the lower polarity things are not working out so well. The Earth plain is giving you very hard time and perhaps you are overly concerned with money and material possessions.

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