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How to Read the Twos Tarot Cards

Learn how to read the Twos tarot cards from expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


Hello, I'm Ellen Goldberg and I welcome you to a Tarot Moment from the School of Oracles. In this segment we're going to take a brief overview of the Twos of all the four suits of the Minor Arcana.

The Twos belong, or are associated with, Sephira Chokmah, the second Sephira Chokmah on the Tree of Life. Because the Aces are such pure essences they have to not actually manifest in events in life, they're more overviews of giant principles. The Twos are the first time that each of the suits are going to show themselves in a life situation. The name of the number Two is duplication and it comes from the old root meaning to fold so that something exactly replicates each other. The Twos are the first time that the suit is reflected back to the Godhead and so all the Twos are a card of harmony and all the Twos are the element in their purest form and highest form.

The Two of Wands is called the Lord of Dominion. It has an astrological attribution as every one of the small cards does, except the Aces which are the elements themselves. The Two of Wands is Mars in Aries. What a way to start the Minor Arcana! A fiery suit of Wands with a fiery planet in the fiery sign of the Zodiac and its name is the Lord of Dominion. You see here a man at the top of the world standing on the roof of his castle with the world in his hands surveying a vast amount of land that he oversees. When we see what the Wands would like to show us in their highest form is that they would like us to have a sense of self, pride and authority. This is what the Wands want to give us just like this card.

On a higher polarity it is happy dominion, peace between ruler and ruled, a sense of self-respect and self control and treating each creature that you come upon as something special onto itself. On the lower polarity it's not happy polarity, it's ruthlessness, it's poor management, no self-control. Therefore, see that this man has achieved this through spiritual means. Notice the standard on his castle parapet. It's roses and lilies and a cross. This is no ordinary man, this is a Knight of the Rose Cross. The Two of Cups is called the Lord of Love, the highest form of the element of water, is to love and be receptive. Astrologically, it is the planet Venus in the sign of Cancer. Cancer is the most receptive of all the signs in the Zodiac and Venus is, of course, love incarnate. Here we see two people equally sharing back and forth with each other.

This can be a love between two people of the same sex or the opposite sex, or it can be a love just inside yourself between your own inner masculine and feminine, because everybody has the other half of their soul inside. Every man has an anima, the female part of his soul. Every woman has an animus, the male part of her soul. And that intermarriage is the marriage, the alchemical marriage, and that's what's taking place here. You see the Lion who is the symbol of the raising of the Red Lion. You see that this is an alchemical card, even more than Outer Love. On the higher polarity, this card is love, cooperation, marriage, friendship, real sharing. On the lower polarity it's disunion or perhaps using a relationship simply to avoid loneliness but not because of the real value of the relationship to yourself. There's advice with this card on the lower polarity; get into relationship with yourself. The Two of Swords, the Lord of Peace restored, this card shows us a woman who reminds us of Agile of the Justice card. She is poised and seeing with a blindfold that she has on. It doesn't mean that she is blind, it means that she is looking with interior vision.

The tides are low, the rocks show. You can navigate very well here because you're not going to be tripped up by the unseen because she's looking inward. Its astrological attribution is the Moon in Libra. The yearning for harmony, for quietness, for peace. In [inaudible 00:05:26], the Swords are a mental suit, therefore this is a sign of inner peace, the truce that is taking place and it is very good upper polarity meaning. It's mostly the truce within yourself. When you get this card in a reading think inner peace, truth, looking for that truth within and being able to be stilled and go about your activities in a poised way. In the lower polarity there's vacillation, confusion, looking for your truth in the wrong way and out in the world. Here we have in pentacles the highest form of the element of Earth. It's always so wonderful and interesting that it is the Lord of Harmonious Change, Jupiter in Capricorn. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and Capricorn is a sign that deals so much with contraction and coming into material form.

And so we see the play of light and expansion and contraction. How wonderful that the suit of Earth would reflect back its highest form as flexibility and change. There is the Juggler dancing to the dance of life. In chuckling, it is said it's always very wise to know whether the balls you are playing with are rubber or glass and then you know a lot about how much attention you have to pay. On the higher polarity, this is the play of light, recreation. Notice those two globes of pentacles , being played with and juggled within the sign of infinity. This dance goes on forever. Flexibility, change, adaptability and sometimes it refers to change and travel. On the lower polarity, this card has to do with unfortunate travel, with refusal to dance - I won't, I'm not going to play, I'm not taking part - with rigidity and changes that are very difficult to deal with. On behalf of the School of Oracles, this is Ellen Goldberg. Bye for now.

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