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How to Read the Sevens Tarot Cards

Learn how to read the Sevens tarot cards from expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


Hello, I’m Ellen Goldberg and I welcome to this taro moment from the School of Oracle. In this segment, we’re gonna look at the sevens of the four suits of the Minor Arcana. The sevens belong to Netzach, the sphere that is the lowest sephira on the pillar, the masculine pillar on the right hand pillar on the Tree of Life. This means we’re coming very close to manifestation. The sevens, the eights, the nines all become less stable especially the sevens and the eights because we’re way down below far from the high spiritual quality of say some of those upper cards. Not only that. Sephira number seven is ruled by Venus and is the desire nature and these cards will show something about how we desire what we want and how we use the energy of that force. The first that we look at the second of Wands is called the The Lord of Valour. It’s astrological attribution is Mars and Leo. Now this is energy. A firey planet in a fiery noble sign and there is courage here. The Lord of Valour, valour is an old word really having to do with deeds of the heart, courage of the heart, but he is on the slippery slope. Notice that there is something unusual about this card because he is the only person in the entire deck who is wearing two different shoes. How would you feel on such a rocky slope one may even be marshy and have some watery, spongy ground, and holding of six others? 

You can’t do this alone.This is about harnessing the will not my will, but thine he is saying. This is letting the higher self or the divine fight your battles for you. How else can you knock out six to one? Although it may be that that he’s not fighting he is so much as being vigilant and more interpretation of this card is that he is holding down the lower desire nature through his vigilance because this is a sephira that deals with desire. Seven is a number of victory and the name Netzach means victory and eternity and the vigilance to hold down the lower forces within the self is one of the greatest victories we can have. On the higher polarity, this fight is yours to win. You are harnessing the higher forces and you are holding them often doing very well. On the lower polarity that slippery slope is getting to you and maybe you’re not doing very well at all. And the lower force comes and overwhelms you. The next card we look at is the Seven of Cups. Very interesting card is called Illusionary Success and its astrological attribution is Venus and the sign of Scorpio. Venus does not do very well in a sign that’s ruled by Mars or/and Pluto called for since Pluto is discovered. But Venus in Scorpio the desire nature is strong. Look at this person in this card he sees so many things. What does he want? Will this make him happy? Will that make him happy? And yet success is illusionary. There isno pinnacle of success. In fact the word climax actually means ladder. 

It’s just a succession of experiences to think that one thing in the attaining of it will do is actually an illusion. And yet on the higher polarity, there are so many things that one wants. The desire nature calls to you. Even on the higher polarity there is so many things to determine what would really make one happy.And the lower polarity is more like quicksand and you’re being dragged under. There’seduction, there’s desire, and addiction of all kinds then it’s going to things that you think that might make you happy that are actually really harmful. The Seven of Swords is called the Lord of Unstable Effort and its astrological attribution is the moon in Aquarius. The moon is a feelingful planet. It represents our emotions and our unconscious and Aquarius the wonderful sign is not really suited for the moon because it’s intellectual. So here, there’s something wrong with the feelingful nature and perhaps the mind of overcoming the feelings and what is really right for the person. We see someone perhaps sneaking away. If you’ll look carefully in the background you’ll see that all the other people really indicated very lightly in back or having a meeting and while no one is noticing someone is slipping away with many of the swords. Here the efforts are not stable. Perhaps there’s going to be problems due to this instability. There’s wavering, uncommitment, maybe there’s a cold feeling from nature. Maybe someone is using the me arm because the swords of the mental suit to self-justify their behavior in their own way. 

And the lower polarity it gets much worse. Then it is cunning and devious behavior designed to harm other people, disaster through ambivalence. No good is going to come out of it and if you know someone and you’re asking about something and you see this card ill-dignified, watch out because something underhand it maybe going on. And the Seven of Pentacles, the Lord of Unfulfilled Success. This card is Saturn in Taurus. How heavy that is. A heavy sign and fixed to earth. And the person is looking and not really seeing the beauty of what has been attained. Maybe they’re not seeing the forest or the trees or seeing that growth is so fulfilling because the person looks disappointed, unfulfilled success. And yet on the higher polarity, they’re maybe doing much better than they know and they need to reassess their values system. On the lower polarity, the hopes are deceived and crushed. There is disaster and whatever they’re hoping for is not going to turn out well.

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