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How to Read the 4 Queen Tarot Cards

Learn how to read the four Queen tarot cards from expert Ellen Goldberg, M.A. in this Howcast video.


Hello, I’m Ellen Goldberg and I welcome you to this tarot moment from the School of Oracles. In this segment we are going to take a brief overview of the four queens of the minor arcana court cards. All queens belong to the realm of bena [SP], the Great Mother. They all are subconscious cards and because they are feminine all of them are water. Water plus the element of their suit. The Queen of Wands, she's fire and water, so there's a built in conflict as water and fire are anemical. But she is a fine woman in fact each of the queens is best at something and she is the best witch in the deck because the fire gives passion and energy to the water and the water is the power of the subconscious and so she can make things manifest. In fact her key phrase is, "expectations manifest". When she's in her higher polarity she's kind, generous and capable. She's the best business woman in the deck, look at her little black cat. That's not exactly like the lion in the strength card, but it might be reminiscent of it because she is strong. Her flowery, her crown, has flowers, leaves coming out of the top. She's full of ideas. She, and all the queens are the cardinal form of their element.

The Queen of Wands belongs to primarily to Aries, so she's one-third the last bit of Pisces and two-thirds Aries and if you look below you'll see the exact dates. You can use her as your significator whether you are a man, a woman or whatever age you are. Remember, expectations manifest and what you expect, you get. Here's another hint, since all the queens belong to the Bena [SP], they have something in common with the three's of their suit and if your at a loss for a meaning check the corresponding three of the same suit and see. That's where I got the saying, "expectations manifest", comes from the Three of Wands. The Queen of Cups is water plus water, since all queens are water and all cups are water you can imagine that this makes her the best telepathic sender and receiver of all the queens. She's psychic, she's imaginative, she's beautiful. She looks at a cup and people wonder, "what is on that cup?" Well, look carefully, there is no other cup like it in the deck. Those are not crab claws, those are two angels on either side of the cup in profile. She sits at the waters edge, a very magical place for interacting with the imagination and psychic ability. When she's on her lower polarity she may be colorless and you wonder if there is a core there at all and is she's just reflecting you back, or she may have a closed channel.

She is Cardinal Water, so she is two-thirds Cancer. For the exact date she covers see below. The Queen of Swords, she always reminds me of a minor arcana version of the Justice card. She is Cardinal Air, therefore her main, uh, sign two-thirds is Libra, but you will see the exact dates here below. She sits poised for action, and her key phrase is, "every action is a choice" and that includes thoughts as well as actions. We are who we have decided to make ourselves, who we believe ourselves to be. On the higher polarity she makes just decisions. Look at what a clear thinker she is. Her head is drawn above the clouds, indicating clarity and as the queen, water, and swords, air, she has use of all parts of the mind, both the conscious and the subconscious. When she is on her lower polarity she can be very cold and she is capable of using that sword to sever the head from the heart. The Queen of Pentacles is Cardinal Earth. Her key phrase is, "playing the hand you've been dealt".

This woman can go further on less than any one else in the deck and she'll work her fingers to the bone for you if you're one of her brood. But, she manages. Cardinal Earth is Capricorn and they are hard working. For the exact dates that she covers see below. When she's on her higher polarity, she makes things work, things that no one else could believe that could happen she'll make them happen. And on the lower polarity she may turn herself into a drudge. Her key phrase, "playing the hand you've been dealt" means she'll make due, but on the lower polarity she may cheat or not be able to play the hand at all.

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