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How to Pick a Breast Implant Size

Learn how to pick a breast implant size from plastic surgeon Robert J. Morin, M.D. in this Howcast video.


Man1: So we are gonna talk about how to choose a breast implant size. The most important factor in choosing the size of a breast implant is the width of a women's breast. So, generally we use a ruler and we measure the width of the breast.

Every breast implant comes with a specific width and a specific height and based on the width of the implant and the width of a patient's breast, we get a general idea of what size implant would work best. In addition to that, obviously, we wanna take the patient's preference into consideration as well. Implant sizes depending on the manufacturer go up .... in increments of no raters. So, it's interesting every patient wants to know what cup size they are going to be but we really need to think about it in terms of volume of either saline or silicon.

So, generally, if a women wants to go from either an A cup or B cup to perhaps a full C, based on the breast width we'll take a look at the manufacturer's chart and that will tell us kind of the range we should be in and then there is a little bit of room in terms of going up and going down. What I tend to do is as well is I bring a number of different breast implant sizes into the operating room and I also use a sizer and while the patient is asleep, I will put the breast implant sizer inside the women's breast and I will fill it up with saline to several different sizes and based on the size that looks best on the operating room table and considering the base width and the patient's expectations and desires, I will come up with the size implant that I am going to use then I take the sizer out and we will generally use silicon implants and will put the silicon implant in.

And that's basically how to determine the size of a breast implant.

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