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Can I Breastfeed with Breast Implants?

Find out if you can breastfeed with breast implants from plastic surgeon Robert J. Morin, M.D. in this Howcast video.


We're going to talk about breastfeeding and breast augmentation surgery. The simple answer to "Can I breastfeed with breast implants," is yes. That being said, there is the possibility that women who get breast implants can have difficulty breastfeeding. That's what's called selection bias. When you look at a group of women, women who tend to have less breast tissue will in general produce less milk. Therefore, whether or not they have breast augmentation, there's a chance that they might have to supplement the breast milk with formula when breastfeeding their babies.

In addition to that, if a surgeon was to cut through breast tissue and cut through milk ducts, then yes, there's a possibility that breast augmentation could affect breastfeeding. The way I perform breast augmentations, I go around the breast tissue, so I do not cut through the milk ducts and I do not cut through the breast tissue. Therefore, there really should be no reason why a breast augmentation surgery would affect breastfeeding, but there's always a possibility, and if breastfeeding is incredibly important, you should think about that prior to having a breast augmentation.

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