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What Are My Breast Implant Incision Options?

Learn about your breast implant incision options from plastic surgeon Robert J. Morin, M.D. in this Howcast video.


We're discussing the different options for breast augmentation incision. There are four possible incision sites for breast augmentation. I'm going to discuss these in the reverse order of which I think are the most reasonable and the best options. So, the option which I think is the least unreasonable is through the belly button. There's a procedure called TUBA, T-U-B-A, trans-umbilical breast augmentation. It's where you insert a saline breast implant through the belly button. In my opinion, this is not a reasonable incision and it's not a reasonable option. There is no way to, first of all, get a silicon implant through that incision and you can't really properly dissect he breast implant pocket under direct vision. Therefore I don't use that incision. 

The second incision is in the armpit. I also don't use that incision. There are several reasons. The incision is located away from the breast, therefore it's more difficult to visualize what you're doing as the surgeon. In addition, it's located in an area which is exposed to the world. If a woman is on the beach and she happens to lift her arms up, now everyone on the beach knows that she had a breast augmentation. So, the scar is not well-hidden and the incision site is far away from the field of surgical dissection so, again, you can't create a great pocket. 

The two best incision sites are in the breast fold and underneath what's called the nipple-areola complex. I tend to do almost all of my breast augmentations in the transition point between the nipple-areola complex and the breast skin, commonly known as underneath the nipple. In the breast fold is also a reasonable option, however when you make an incision in the breast fold, you're placing a scar on open, clean skin with no natural transition point. Therefore when you look at that scar, it's more obvious. When you place the scar in the transition point between the nipple-areola complex and the breast skin, your eye already expects to see a transition there. The nipple-areola skin is dark, your breast is light, your eye expects to see it so you can easily hide a scar there. It tends to heal beautifully. The surgical procedure is slightly more technically challenging for the surgeon, but that should have no affect on your decision because if you have a talented plastic surgeon, then that should have no affect on complications, surgical time, or anything else. 

So, those are the four incisions you have for breast augmentation but again, the infra-areola incision, in my opinion, is the best option .

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