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What If I Don't Like My Nose Job?

Learn what to do if you don't like your nose job in this Howcast video featuring plastic surgeon Robert J. Morin, M.D..


If your dealing with a situation where you've had a nose job and your unhappy with the appearance. First think you need to is remember that the recovery for a rhinoplasty or nose job especially one that was performed open or with an incision in this part of the nose takes up to one year for all the swelling to subside. So before making any judgments about the outcome of your rhinoplasty you need to wait approximately a year has gone by and all the swelling as gone down. If, at one year your still unhappy with appearance of your nose then its time to have a conversation with the surgeon performing the rhinoplasty to communicate those concerns.

Throughout the United States there is a certain percentage of patients who under go rhinoplasty who end up needing or wanting a revision in general these revisions are not performed not until a year has gone by and often if a revision is necessary it's something relatively minor that can be corrected relatively easy. So again if at one year from the day of your surgery if your unhappy with you appearance of your nose talk to your surgeon about it and at that point its reasonable to consider going back to the operating room and fixing whatever it is that your concerned with and understand the need for a revision is a very well known risk of a rhinoplasty, it happens and there often many things that we can do to fix it.

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