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Will Insurance Cover Nose Job If I Have Breathing Problems?

Find out if insurance will cover your nose job if you have breathing problems in this Howcast video featuring plastic surgeon Robert J. Morin, M.D..


Many patients ask me weather or not their insurance companies will pay for their rhinoplasty. It's a very important question for many reasons and the simple answer is it depends. Insurance companies will not pay for anything that is considered cosmetic therefore if a patients concern is the bump on top of the nose or the fact that their nose is too big or the tip is too large then no, insurance company is not going to pay for that.

If however there is nasal airway obstruction meaning the inability for air to flow through the nostrils normally which causes a functional problem in the patient and in their ability to breath through their nose then insurance companies will commonly depending on the insurance company and policy, insurance companies will commonly pay for that portion of the procedure. There are many things that we can do to increase the size and surface area of the nasal airway to allow for more nasal air flow. These types of procedures are medically necessary and are usually covered by insurance companies.

The cosmetic procedure is not. Very often there will be a cosmetic component to a rhinoplasty and a functional medically necessary insurance component to the rhinoplasty. And if that is the case then the patient will be responsible for all of the financial cost related to the cosmetic portion of the procedure and the insurance company will often pay for the functional or reconstructive or medically necessary portion of the procedure. These two entities are very carefully separated and again no insurance company is going to pay for cosmetic part of a rhinoplasty.

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