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Are Nasal Bones Broken for a Nose Job?

Find out if your nasal bones will be broken during a nose job in this Howcast video featuring plastic surgeon Robert J. Morin, M.D..


When considering whether or not one need nasal bone in fracturing or breaking of the nasal bones one needs to consider what the goals of the rounds of plastic surgery are? So if a patient is concerned with the width of their nasal bones then the way in which we make a nose thinner and slimmer is by breaking the nasal bones and pushing the nasal bones in together towards the mid line.

So, by looking at a skull you see in this area these are nasal bones. The width of a patients nose is determined by the width of the nasal bones. So, if we want to make the width of the nose smaller or thinner then what we do is take an osteotome we place it through a small incision along the lowest portion of the nasal bone and by using a mallet or hammer we break the bone along the lower border of the nasal bone.

Once the bone is broken we push the bone towards the mid line we do this symmetrically on both sides and you end up with a thinner nose. So if one of the goals of your rhinoplasty is to have a thinner nose then yes your would have your nasal bones fractured and pushed towards the mid line.

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