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What If Face Ends Up Too Pulled Up or Tight after Face-Lift?

Find out what can be done if your face ends up too pulled or too tight after a face-lift in this Howcast video featuring plastic surgeon Robert J. Morin, M.D..


We are discussing the issue of a face being pulled too tight or having the wind blown appearance an obvious giveaway that someone has had a face lift. We can all think of someone in the media who this may or may not have happened to. So the way to not have that pulled too tight experience is once again to go to a board certified experienced surgeon.

There are many different techniques when one discusses performing face lifts. And generally that pulled too tight technique is when the skin is used in order to perform the supporting of the soft tissues of the face. Their are many layers of the face and many years ago the standard technique was use just the skin to get the result we were looking for and to elevate all the soft tissue back up into the correct position.

Over the years and today the technique has evolved we now incorporate dissection and suturing and stitching of different layers of the face that have more strength and have more support deeper layers of the face. In addition we preform a lot of fat grafting which is when we take fat from the body and transfer to the face. So, the combination of these techniques has allowed us to move away from that pulled too tight skin only look to a more natural, refreshed, youthful, full face look which only can be performed by addressing the deeper structures of the face.

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