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Does a Face-Lift Leave Visible Scars?

Find out if a face-lift leaves visible scars in this Howcast video featuring plastic surgeon Robert J. Morin, M.D..


We're discussing scarring in facelift surgery. As plastic surgeons, one of our goals is to hide incisions as best we can. We do this by placing incisions in strategic locations: in creases, in the location of pre-existing scars, within the hair. 

In a facelift, specifically, the incision tends to start in the vicinity of the temporal hair, or the hair in this part of the scalp. It travels down along the front part of the ear crease. It enters into the inside of the ear, and then it travels around the earlobe in the crease that already exists around the earlobe, up the back of the ear, and then back out into the hair-bearing part of the scalp behind the ear. There's a second incisions that's commonly made just under the chin. This incision allows us to get to the neck. 

With those two incisions, we are able to gain access to the entire face and perform every aspect of the procedure that we need. While all incisions result in scars, the incisions that are made in a well-performed facelift are hidden very well by the normal anatomy of the face. Therefore, one would have to look very closely in order to see a properly placed facelift scar that has healed well.

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