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Ideal Candidate for Liposuction

Find out who is the ideal candidate for liposuction in this Howcast video featuring plastic surgeon Robert J. Morin, M.D..


We're discussing who would be the ideal candidate for liposuction. Liposuction works very well in well-selected patients. Patients need to have relatively thick, elastic skin without an abundance of skin. In addition, ideally, patients would not have an enormous excess of fatty tissue, but they would have smaller, locally contained collections of fatty tissue. For example, the lower abdomen or the lower part of the stomach is a very difficult area to get completely flat. Diet, exercise, no matter what you do, it's very difficult to get rid of that last little bit of lower abdominal fat.

A patient who has that little bit of lower abdominal fat is a perfect candidate. Patients who have an enormous abundance of fatty tissue often end up with better results by performing a regimen of diet and exercise first and then considering their options with their plastic surgeon, but patients who have a mild-to-moderate excess amount of excess fatty tissue in discrete areas benefit best from liposuction surgery.

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