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Does the Fat Eventually Come Back after Liposuction?

Find out if the fat eventually comes back after liposuction in this Howcast video featuring plastic surgeon Robert J. Morin, M.D..


We're discussing a very commonly asked question in my practice. Patients often come in and ask if I were to get liposuction I heard that the fat just comes back or the fat comes back somewhere else. So, the answer to that question begins with the fact that every human being has a certain number of fat cells in their body. Once those individual fat cells removed from their body, new fat cells do not come back in their place. However, the fat cells that remain, and there are always fat cells that remain, can get larger with time.

So, if I were to perform liposuction on the lower part of someone's abdomen, which is a very common area to perform liposuction and an area where liposuction works very well, it's unlikely that if that person maintains the same level of diet and exercise that fat is going to come back in that region or anyone else. However, if that person stops exercising and starts eating a diet that is not healthy then they are likely going to gain weight. On a percentage or proportion basis they are going to gain less weight in areas that have been treated with liposuction because those areas have fewer fat cells. So, if one were to gain an enormous amount of weight after liposuction they would potentially disproportionately gain weight in areas that have not been treated with liposuction.

However, any fat cell that remains in the body can always increase in size. You're not, however, going to get new fat cells in the place of the fat cells that have been removed. I hope that answers the common misunderstanding about liposuction and whether or not the fat comes back or if it goes to another part of the body.

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