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What Areas of the Body Can Be Liposuctioned?

Find out which areas of the body can be liposuctioned in this Howcast video featuring plastic surgeon Robert J. Morin, M.D..


We're discussing the different areas where liposuction can be performed on the human body. As a general rule fat can be removed wherever it exists by means of liposuction. The most common areas where we perform liposuction, however, is the upper and lower abdomen or the upper and lower stomach area, specifically, the lower stomach area which is a very difficult place to get rid of, ah, remaining fat.

The flank area which is the area on the sides of the stomach, the upper back or lateral chest wall area is a very common place. Breasts can be liposuctioned. It's not an ideal procedure, ah, in a female in terms of a breast reduction because it doesn't address the position of the nipple or the skin, but there's a condition in men called gynecomastia which is an excess amount of breast tissue in men and liposuction works very well in that situation. Certain parts of the face can be liposuctioned. Ah, the neck is an exce-, excellent area for liposuction.

The upper arms is a very common place where liposuction is performed. Ah, the medial thighs is another very common place, ah, in order to have a straight contour and to be able to see light between the two legs while standing. The lateral thighs is another as well. Um, certain aspects of the buttocks can be liposuctioned, and those are the most common areas where we, as plastic surgeons, perform liposuction.

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