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What Is a Butt Lift aka Butt Augmentation?

Learn about butt lifts, also known as butt augmentation, from plastic surgeon Robert J. Morin, M.D. in this Howcast video.


A butt-lift or a butt augmentation surgery is a plastic surgery procedure that is performed on the buttocks to either lift or augment or enlarge a patient's buttocks. There are several different ways to perform this procedure. The one way that I do not recommend that this procedure be performed is by using an implant. There are silicon implants that can be placed into the buttocks. However, the number of potential complications by using implants in the buttocks is extremely large, and therefore I don't recommend it. What I recommend as a safe alternative primarily is fat grafting.

We're able to take fat from one part of the body, for example, the stomach or the flanks, and use that fat in order to increase volume in another part of the body. We commonly do this in the face during a face lift, we can do it in the breasts during breast reconstruction, and we can do it in the butt during a butt augmentation.

So what happens during a buttock augmentation is a large amount of fat is harvested by means of liposuction, either during liposuction or an abdominoplasty with liposuction or just in order to get the fat for the butt augmentation. The fat is then washed and processed and placed into syringes, and after the processing and the washing it's injected back into the same patient in the patient's buttock. By using a patient's own fat, this is the safest way to increase the volume of any part of a patient's body. I've seen many patients who have had material other than their own fat injected into their bodies and the complications can potentially be horrible. So the safest material to use for augmenting any part of the body is the patient's own fat.

So we take this fat, we process it, and we inject it back into the buttock area in specific locations where we want to increase the size of the buttock. We can do this in combination with other procedures, it works well, and it's a safe procedure.

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