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How Long after Butt Lift Can I Not Sit Down?

Find out how long you can't sit down after having a butt lift in this Howcast video featuring plastic surgeon Robert J. Morin, M.D..


We are discussing butt lift procedures and specifically fat grafting to the butt. When I perform fat grafting to a patients buttock, I am commonly asked how long a patient has to go without sitting down and the answer to that question is based on both the anatomy of sitting and the anatomy of where the fat is placed. So, when a human being sits, the majority of the pressure that is placed on the buttock is placed in an area where we do not place fat during buttock augmentation. Therefore, based on the way that I perform this procedure and what I tell my patients is that usually they can sit on their buttock for limited periods of time as soon as the procedure is complete.

This is because, again, the location of the fat is not really the location of the greatest amount of pressure when sitting. In addition to the fact that when we inject fat into the buttock, we inject it in very small, thin tunnels and the fat that we inject is surrounded by the normal tissue that exists in the buttock. So, since we have the small, fine lines of grafted fat within the buttock, a small amount of pressure is not going to significantly displace the fat. There are multiple tunnels and multiple linear grafts of fat that should really not be effected when sitting. So, based on the way that I perform this procedure, I generally tell my patients that for a limited amount of time, they can sit almost immediately after surgery.

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