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4 Main Risks of Vaginal Plastic Surgeries

Learn about the four main risks of vaginal plastic surgeries from plastic surgeon Robert J. Morin, M.D. in this Howcast video.


There are four risks I would like to discuss involving plastic surgery procedures on the vagina. The first two risks are very well known in all surgical procedures. Infection bleeding, these are certainly a possibility any time surgery is performed, however; there are many things that we do to try to decrease these risks as much as possible. Specific to the vagina, obviously there's a very important functional role.

So specific concerns for vaginal plastic surgery would be anything that effects the sensation in the vaginal area, or the function of the vagina. There could be changes in sensation and changes in function.

And finally, with the contouring procedures, labiaplasty specifically, there could be asymmetry and contour irregularities while attempting to shape the most aesthetically pleasing external vagina as possible. So these are some of the main risks for vaginal plastic surgery, however; I encourage anyone interested in this procedure to discuss all the risk with their surgeon.

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