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What You Need to Know about Chin Implants (Genioplasty)

Learn about chin implants (genioplasty) from plastic surgeon Robert J. Morin, M.D. in this Howcast video.


We're discussing genioplasty or chin surgery. Very commonly patients will come in unhappy with their appearance of their chin usually it's because their chin is too far back and makes their profile not look in line because the chin is far behind the rest of their face. So, there are two general ways in which to correct this.

The first is by using an implant, making a small incision on the skin because you usually don't want to put it in through the mouth. Dissecting a little pocket and placing a silicone or some other synthetic material on the bone in the vicinity of the chin. I don't perform this procedure because I don't like putting implants in the face.

I think the long term possibility of risks and complications is not favorable. So since I did a cranial fellowship I think the ideal procedure for performing chin surgery is taking a saw blade making an incision inside of the lower lip dissecting down to the bone is the mandible and at the end of the mandible is the chin. Dissecting down to this part of the chin and using the saw to cut across the bone. Once the bone is cut the bone is advanced forward and a titanium plate and several screws are used to hold the bone in the new forward position. Incision is closed and the case is over. So, the benefits of performing this procedure over using an implant is that this is a permanent procedure once the bone heals will stay in that position ideally for the rest of the patients life. And in my opinion and in my experience the risk of complications from this procedure is much lower then by using an implant.

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