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How to Pick a Plastic Surgeon

Learn how to pick a plastic surgeon in this Howcast video featuring plastic surgeon Robert J. Morin, M.D..


There is several things that everyone should take into consideration when choosing a plastic surgeon. The most important thing to consider is whether or not your plastic surgeon is board certified. Board certification is a very important process in the training and the credentialing of plastic surgeons. Specifically for the field of plastic surgery the American board of plastic surgeries is the only board that certifies plastic surgeons. So the first question that one should ask when looking into a plastic surgeon is "Is this plastic surgeon board certified?" and the second question is "Is the plastic surgeon board certified by the American Board of plastic surgery." In addition to that and assuming that the answer to both of those questions is yes now you need to get an idea of this specific plastic surgeon and what kind of plastic surgeries this plastic surgeon typically performs.

So the plastic surgeon's website is a great place to start before and after pictures are often very helpful and the general recommendation is prior to having any procedure performed you should really go see about 3 plastic surgeons. This way you get a different number of opinions and you get to meet with 3 different people and determine which one you have the best rapport with and which one you think is gonna be the most trustworthy and reliable and give you the best result and also the best experience. So one of the questions that I would ask a plastic surgeon also is "how often do you do this specific procedure?"

Certain procedures and plastic surgeries are very complicated and so you want to get an idea of how experienced this surgeon is for this specific procedure. So board certification very important in choosing a plastic surgeon specifically board certification by the American board of plastic surgery, I would recommend website before and after pictures, and meeting with several surgeons and asking them what are the procedures that they are most experienced with and most commonly performed.

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