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Can I Be Awake during Plastic Surgery?

Find out if you can be awake during plastic surgery in this Howcast video featuring plastic surgeon Robert J. Morin, M.D..


We're discussing the idea of staying awake during plastic surgery procedures. There are certain minor plastic surgery procedures where general anesthesia, or going to sleep, is not necessary. however for larger, more invasive procedures, in order to have an excellent result and a comfortable experience, it is important to have anesthesia during these procedures.

During surgery, many different techniques are used and many different parts of the body are operated on and often there is not a good way to control all of the pain that could be associated with these parts. General anesthesia is considered very safe and, in fact, many people consider it to be the safest time in your life because you're not crossing in a street, you're not in a car, everything is controlled.

And as long as your surgeon is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, and your anesthesiologist is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist, general anesthesia is very safe and it will allow for the level of surgery that will give you the best result and also it will allow for you to be the most comfortable both during surgery and afterwards.

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