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How to Do a BlowOver with Airbrush Makeup

Learn how to do a BlowOver in this Howcast video featuring Dinair Airbrush Makeup System instructor Julie Tobias.


Speaker: I'm here with Ava and we're going to show you how to blow over your existing make-up, moisturizer, beauty cream. Ava's wearing her powder. Her traditional white bond powder. So, we're going to airbrush over it so that you can see the difference. We're going to show you how to hold it. Go on Ava. Just put your thumb on the back of the hose bar and your index finger. This is what controls the amount of make up coming out of the airbrush. So, you never want to pull all the way back because we're not painting a house. Okay? We're going to hand that to you and we'll just turn the compressor on. (humming) The air starts to flow. And, she's off. You want to go very very light passes. Always building the coverage is always best. Go ahead and stop for a minute and take a look. You want to see where you want to add more coverage. So, do you see anywhere where you want to add more coverage.

Ava: Yes, my forehead.

Speaker: Okay, so we're going to go to the forehead. Only put the make up where you need it. There's no need to over spray. And, that's when it starts to look cakey and overdone. So, we always want to be natural. How does it feel coming out?

Ava: It feels like a cool mist.

Speaker: It looks nice. Do you start to see the change?

Ava: Yeah.

Speaker: You have a little blemish, so is there anywhere on your face where you feel like you want to cover like a mole or a...?

Ava: Oh!

Speaker: There you go. That's what happens when you pull back a little too far when you're so close. So, to quickly fix that. Super simple. You can just take your finger, go ahead and take your finger and just dab it. Perfect. And, it will just blend right in and you'll get the excess off of your finger. And, then you'll just mist right over the top to just blend it all together. So, just stay four to six inches away. Perfect. Good. Back up just a little bit with your airbrush from the skin. So, the further you pull back on the lever, the farther away you want to be. Because, remember it's coming out of a stream like this so you don't want to be in that concentrated spray. But, it's so forgiving, even if you do over spray, it really really looks good. Especially with this product. So, I'm going to go ahead and using the dine-air (sp) and I'm just going too... You feel it? Just how I'm using a light mist? (humming). I'm just checking to make sure. And, you always want to make sure your airbrush is clean before you spray. That's super important too. So, we just take off these front air cups. And make sure the tip of the needle is nice and cleaned off.

Ava: We have to clean it after every use?

Speaker: It's best to spray through the cleaner, the citrus cleaner, right after. And, then it keeps your airbrush happy.

Ava: I see some foundation got on my hair and my eyebrows. How can I get that off?

Speaker: It's super easy. And, a lot of men like to do this as well, especially when they spray. What we're going to do is just take our citrus cleaner and put that on a q-tip or any kind of cotton swab. And then just go ahead and roll over the eyebrow gently. You don't want it sopping wet. And, that going to put three dimension back into the face. And, you can also roll it over your lips if you've got a little on your lips.

Ava: You can do the same thing?

Speaker: The hairline. You can do that it on the hairline. You can use a tissue or a cotton swab. And, generally it won't get in your hair as long as you use a clouded tissue around while you're spraying. And, then you can just use the airbrush to dry. See, you now you look like you again. All you have to do is use a little bit of cleaner, and cotton swab. I hope this helped. And, this is a great way to learn how to do airbrush makeup by just simply blowing over your existing powder, beauty cream, or tinted moisturizers.

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