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How to Contour with an Airbrush

Learn how to contour with an airbrush in this Howcast video featuring Dinair Airbrush Makeup System instructor Julie Tobias.


Speaker 1: I'm going to show you how to contour with the airbrush. Now, there's not a lot of contouring involved when you're airbrushing because again you're using dinair which is allowing that natural skin to show through and therefore you already have your natural highlights and contouring. So, we only want to shade where we feel we need to. If you have a double chin, if you feel like you want your cheekbones. Anywhere where you want to shade. So, we're just going to take our airbrush and take a darker shade now in our foundation range.

So, we're going to take, you were light golden phage. I'm just going to choose dark golden phage. It's that simple. It's just one step down. Again, we're going to shake that bottle so you here the mixing balls. Put a few drops into the cup of the airbrush. Now, a little goes along way so you really don't need a lot. Now, where are we going to contour? Okay. See, she already know where she would like to shade. So, just make a little fishy face. That's where you're going to spray. Now, depending on how fierce you want that contour is the distance that you'll be from the skin when you're spraying. So, if you want a serious serious contour line, we can get in pretty close. But, I think you wanted it natural right?

Speaker 2: Uh-huh.

Speaker 1: So, we're just going to go in and I'm about,hm, four inches away. Start moving before you pull back on the lever. And, this allows so you that don't get any hot spots (hissing spray). And, go ahead and just turn for just a second that way for me. There we go. And, again with your fishy face. And, I don't want that hair. So, just pull it back. And, start moving. And, we're just going to place it into the area where we want to shade. Just little by little. That looks really good. Let's do the other side. Again, I like to start somewhat in the middle because if I start in one spot you're going to get a hot spot which is too much color. So, I always like to start moving. Starting right about here is a good place. (hissing) Let me just angle your airbrush. You already have contour in those cheeks. (laughs) That's how easy it is. And, if you want to just spray underneath the chin area, which you obviously do not need to, but...I'm just going to go right underneath. And, a good rule of thumb is just to take two fingers and that's where you're going to spray.

And, the trick is to, if you're underneath here, and you want to spray the chin. If I'm spraying straight on like this, then you're actually not hitting underneath. It's going to hit the bone, and then it's going to hit your jawline. So, you have to take your airbrush and you have to angle it so you're going underneath it. Okay? So, I want to make sure to angle it and go underneath it. Because, again, where's it going to hit? Here and here. We're not going to get underneath. So, just angle. And, that's how simple contouring is. So, anywhere else you want to shade, you can take your airbrush and shade it in seconds. Whether it's on your décolleté. If you want to shade in here. And, this is great body make up too. You could shade anywhere. And, we're out of make up. And, I hope this helped. And, this is how you contour super simple with an airbrush.

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