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How to Do a Smokey Eye with an Airbrush

Learn how to do a smokey eye with an airbrush in this Howcast video featuring Dinair Airbrush Makeup System instructor Julie Tobias.


Speaker 1: I’m gonna show you how to do a classic smoky eye and this is something that everybody loves so I’m really excited to do this on Emma because she has amazing eyes. So start with picking up the airbrush and what I chose in here in the hair line is the light coral. Now, the light coral is gonna be a very nice highlight. This is a very good all over color and it goes great right underneath the brows.

We’re gonna go in with a little bit of fan brown. This gives of that warmth to the smoky eyes that we fill that we need when we do it because a lot of the times it looks like it’s almost too dark. You know, you need a light in there so we’re gonna add that fan brown just the twitch and then you have the light smoke.This is gonna help blend everything together and of course the deep black. This is where we gonna line the lower lid with to give you that nice smoky effect.Are you ready?

Speaker 2: Ready.

Speaker 1: Okay. So I start with the light coral like I start with the lighter shade first, give a bit shake and we’ll just put a couple of drops in cause it’s all you need. And turn on the compressor, always have your tissue.

This lets you know what color is in the air freshen coming next and then spread it into the tissue and you can see the color come out. This is a very light shade so we’re gonna start by, excuse me, going over the entire eyelid so I’m just gonna take my fan, lift up the brow, and you can do that moments alone and just with the air brush you’re gonna start moving of about two inches away and pulling back on my wager eyes are moving and I just wanna see the change happen. Unlike traditionally, you make it wipe it on and blend it out.Airbrushing you’re going from the back end, you’re going from the final step forward. So I really want to give that blended look from the gecko. Like the horse that wins at the end of the race. So again, we’re gonna spread this allover just for a nice effect.

Now, when I get around the area you have just natural split lines. It’s super important to spray very lightly because we don’t want to exclude them or spray across them so we have to open them and spray into them in the same direction. And this, this what’s gonna take out any, then close, any lines or natural split lines that you have and just open them and just till them with lever, level it just a little bit. And it’s gonna spray into those areas very lightly, and then anywhere you wanna highlight to you can realize what you have in the airbrush already and then spread that out and going with the next color. So that’s our light coral. So we’re gonna take the fan brown and this is gonna go in the middle of the eye lid so open close.What about here, we can make our V-shape with the fan brown and bring it on to the middle so same technique about two inches away.

Remember, the closer the more dense color will be. We don’t necessarily dry with it, we want it to blend it, and again, two inches away. We’re gonna lift up the brow area and we’re gonna concentrate on that V and just lay the color down when you need it until you can already see it’s blending and just a little bit of time, just a little bit, so there’s a long way so very lightly. If you feel coming out the airbrush just start moving with it. now, that’s our warm color, this is very pretty and this also gives the guidelines so that when we’re going with the darker shades you can follow all that so very pretty. We’re gonna spray out the fan brown and notice that I’m not cleaning in between each color so one of the means of airbrushing is that you have to clean and it takes so long we’re just gonna spray out one color and go on with the next.

Just always start with the light and go with the dark. So what I wanna do is light smoke and I’m gonna go shake it up and then you have the mixing dust. I love this color. This is a very good brow color as well, so you can use this on your brows, you can use this on smoky eyes. We’re gonna put a couple drops in the cup. Okay three. It’s because I always like to spray out my airbrush onto the tissue or spray out my make ups so you can see the color onto the tissue and that’s that like smoke, very pretty. Another tip that you can do with smoky eyes, make sure your eye lids are clean so that the cleanest eye lids and then just blending. Now, when I go in with the black you’re gonna see the smoke come in so again we’re just using this light smoke which tends to be more a brownish shade. Okay. What I’m gonna do is I wanna shake things a little bit. I’m gonna take the light brown which is actually dimmer shimmer line. And what this is gonna do is see it’s a little strong and this is actually a perfect example because if you do spray a little too strong, you can take one of the shimmers just lay on top and will blend up the thing together. So I’m gonna show you how to do that, just put into the cup of the airbrush and spray it into the tissue and that’s a little bit of shimmer. So it’s gonna blend everything together that we’ve done so far. Open, close and I love this color look, magic, so amidst of that black one, so pretty.

I love it. Now, put a gradual black and we need a little bit. And now it’s ready to spread and add that extra smoky pot flavored will be poured. Just a couple of drops of the jet black, this gonna add that smoke that we’re waiting for and we’re going to use the eye shadow shield. This is from the Diner line, this is one of their stencils and it’s really good to catch the over spray so you don’t get black down the cheek.

Okay. So it’s gonna take it like this, I like to hold it with my thumb and pinch it. That way I can maneuver the stencil more easy, so we’re gonna heading more close and again I’m taking my thumb, I’m pinching it, laying it down. You don’t have to touch the skin completely but we just, give that, spray the stencil first and let the black go on to the eye lid and that is just so simple of what I just did. That was super simple and you can see and you can see that I get that. now, if you don’t want to use the shield you don’t have to because the spray is pretty concentrated. We can just go on with the black and start to see the color come out and now, start on the lash lid actually. You add a drama. It’s getting smoky.

I’m gonna show you how to get a little bit of smoky underneath the eyes so go ahead and look up and your eyebrow over there. Now, that’s going to open up these inner areas so I can spray right into the water duct area. You can spray right there, and then you can see you’ve got that nice shading going on and then close and again look to your left. And I’m going to make that area flat so it gives me a flat surface which is always nice for airbrushing. I’m just getting right in there. Again opening up those natural lines, and again sprays onto them. Now, we’re getting all the way across, then open, okay. Continue on what we do underneath, then look up onto the left and angle your airbrush down. So it’s just right on your eyebrow or you can take your eye shadow shield and you can block off the eye if you’re doing somebody else not touching of the eyebrows of course, which is gonna block off the eye and not block off the spray so it’s nice and comfortable underneath.

We’re just gonna right in there. It’s water based so it’s very safe when around the eyes, the lids and those areas. And then, put a little bit underneath look ahead and look up and over this way. And then this allows me to get in here, there you go, good. And if does get in the eye, it’s water based so your just gonna tear up into your tear duct and just take a little cotton swab and then get that excess.

See? It’s a little bit good with that one. It is something that you used to but what you do you’re gonna love it. and this lasts longer than traditional eyes, and then again look up, and we get right underneath. And you can do this with the eyes closed as well, then close, just spray through the lash line and you can get right into the underneath the area.Just take your cotton swab and look up and pick up the excess. Simple as that,that’s how you do a smoky eye and it’s very simple and classic and it’s all done with the airbrush.

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