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How to Airbrush Your Lips

Learn how to put on lip color with an airbrush in this Howcast video featuring Dinair Airbrush Makeup System instructor Julie Tobias.


I'm gonna show you how to airbrush lips. We have multiple stencils that you can use and we're just gonna use the edges, this will actually help to define the lips especially if you have any scars or if you don't want that lipstick to bleed it helps keep the airbrushed lips in place, so I'm going to show you how to do that now. First we are going to mix the color, we have Vanity which is from the Dinair Colair line and it has shimmer very high pigmented color, love this color, you’re gonna love it.

And we have Peach Pink and this is actually in the blush line of the Dinair Glamar series and this is more of a matte but we want to mix the two and see what we come up with, OK? So we are going to go ahead and take the airbrush and turn the compressor on, take our Peach Pink and just a couple of drops go a long way of course, 1, 2 and we'll take a couple of drops of the Colair Vanity we're going to mix that up and just a couple of drops... and we'll show you how to mix these. We're just going take a regular tissue block off the front of the air flow on the air brush and if you pull back on the lever it’s going to create little bubbles inside the cup.

Once those bubbles form you can either just pop it and then spray into a tissue or they not, they're just going to stay bubbly. So now we are going to airbrush lips and I’ve just chosen the shape that I like out of I think they offer 3 shapes so we are going to use this one and if I lay the stencil down hard you're going to get a hard edge if I great distance it’s going to be diffused and soft so with the lips of course it’s nice to have a little bit of definition we don't want to look like we just had a red snow cone [laughing]. So we are going to go ahead and just relax your lips and this is really easy for you to do at home and I just use the stencil. Now when you get up into the inner part of the lip, if you do tend to have deeper lines in your lip, just kind of make a little face just go, there you go [laughing] and then that is going to allow those little lines to open up so you can airbrush right inside them. 

Now the airbrush makeup is going to be matte and that is going to be matte until I add the Moist and Dewy which is a moisturizer and that will add that gloss to it. So it's kind of cool you get to decide if you want matte or if you want a glossy look with the air brush because you can do both. So again I am just going to use the edges and move them around... and just allow it to dry, it's pretty. And of course when you are doing such a dramatic Smokey eye you really really want to keep the lips nice and natural because we don't want to overdo it [laughing] so we are just going to use the lip stencil again and we're going to move it around for the top part and again distance is very important we don't want to be too far away or you're going to get over spray all over her. So we wanna get right in and I’m letting the stencil do the work for me. I don't need to go in and draw with it i want the stencil to do the work.

So spray the stencil even and let the over spray fall onto the lips. Now you can even add shimmer just by itself and that gives it the nice pouty look, so we'll just add a drop of Vanity by itself and we will just add that to the middle here and it will give a nice pouty look. Then next I am going to add some Moist and Dewy this is what gives it that glossy effect, just one drop that's all you need and we just spray it, spray it lightly. I also want to use the lip stencil for this because i don't want the moisturizer to go around the lips we really want to focus on the lipstick just spray it in and you’re going to see right instantly that you have that sheen and its pretty cool and you can use that moisturizer anywhere on the face if they’re dry as well. And that's how you air brush lips with a dramatic eye by keeping it super, super natural. I hope this helped.

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