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How to Apply Lip Liner with an Airbrush

Learn how to apply lip liner with an airbrush in this Howcast video featuring Dinair Airbrush Makeup System instructor Julie Tobias.


I'm going to show you how to do lip liner with an airbrush. It's so fast and so easy, so we're just going to take a shade that is natural, because she's got such a dramatic eye already. We just want to accentuate those lips, and this is very long lasting. So this is the Fawn Brown in the Dinair Glamor line. Go ahead and shake it up and flip the lid. Just a couple of drops, that's all you're going to need. And this is really fun and simple for you to do at home every day. So you'll really like this. So here's a couple of little tricks and tips. You want to use the lip stencils. I particularly like this shape, because I can move it around. And the key is to hold it flush against the lip line so that you get that nice, dramatic line and it shows up.

So we're going to go ahead and just hit the stencil and let the stencil do the work for you. So if you hit the stencil, the overspray will actually go up inside the lip area. So we're going to again hold the stencil and just spray the stencil. And notice that I'm not too far away, because if I was, it would be spraying over here. So we want to be at the right distance as well. And a little goes a long way. Just move that stencil over. And that's what's catching all the overspray. I'm actually going to bring this lip liner up a little bit just to give it some area. Same thing on the top. You want to hold it down hard. Spray the stencil. And let the lip color fall into it. Now with the Dinair Glamor line, you can actually use any shade for your lips.

So it could be blush. It could be an eyeshadow. It could be a shimmer. It doesn't matter. See now this lip stencil has a different edge. So in this particular case, I would need to clean that off, because I'm going to flip it and use it on the other side so it matches. So again, just lay it down. I flipped it. And you're getting that nice line. And just spray the stencil. And you can just feather in around it, so that when we put our lip color in, it's nice and pouty. And that is how you do airbrush lip liner. So I hope this helped you, and with the stencils and the airbrush, I know that it's super-simple.

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