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How to Do Cat Eyes with an Airbrush

Learn how to do cat eyeliner or winged eyes with an airbrush in this Howcast video featuring Dinair Airbrush Makeup System instructor Julie Tobias.


Julie: I'm going to I show you how to do a cat eye using only your air brush, a stencil and one color. So we're going to use jet black and this is my color of choice for cat eye because it's super rich in pigment and it's going to give you that nice, defined line. Now what's really cool about the air brushed cat eye is that you're going to get the same shape on both eyes. So all I have to do is lay the stencil down and this happens to be the eyebrow stencil in the [inaudible 0:00:36] line, so we're just going to take the eyebrow stencil and flip it over. Then we're going to lay it down and then when we're ready to do the other side, we're going to wipe it clean and flip it. And that's what's going to give you that same exact cat eye on both eyes. So, we'll start by taking our jet black, shaking the bottle and just a couple of drops are all you need. We'll do three drops. Turn the compressor on. Spray into our tissue. And just check and make sure that's what's coming through and everything is running smoothly. Check your pressure. That looks good. So. Again, this happens to be the eyebrow stencil and we're going to flip it and just choose what shape you like. Just line it up in the mirror. Go ahead and close. Do you like more of a thick cat eye or thin?

Speaker: Um, probably thin.

Julie: So she likes the thin, then we're going to chose the last eyebrow stencil on this sheet. And the trick here is not to make the eyes droop down, so we want to make sure to make everything lift, everything should lift, so we need to point the cat eye upward. So we're going to go ahead and lay the stencil down. Close for me. And I like to line the eyebrow where the arch of the eyebrow normally is, right on the base of the lashes. We're just going to lay it down and I want to do it a little bit and stop and look.

And so that's your instant cat eye and that took literally two seconds to do. So you really can't do that with a pencil. Again, we're going to wipe it off. Wipe it clean. And flip it. And now we can get the exact same look on the other side. Turn your head and let's see the other side. And we're going to lay it down, point it upwards and we're spraying right into the stencil. You do have to hold the stencil down hard if you want that hard edge. Spray the stencil. And now we have matching cat eyes and what we're going to do is, go ahead and close, we're just going to make it a little bit thicker on the inside here where the cat eye starts just to give it some definition. Now too, if you don't want them super long, you can always again take that dry q-tip and just shave it off. So. You can decide that later if you want to. So at this point if I wanted it to be a little shorter, we can just shave off the tip of it with a dry q-tip. And that's how you do an airbrushed cat eye. It's super easy.

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