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How to Do a Triple Cat Eye with an Airbrush

Learn how to do a triple cat eye with an airbrush in this Howcast video featuring Dinair Airbrush Makeup System instructor Julie Tobias.


I'm gonna show you how to do a double cat eye on Ava. We've already done a cat eye with her, with the airbrush and the stencils, and so now we're just gonna add another cat eye to get even double the "rawr" factor. So what I'm gonna do is go ahead and pick up my airbrush, and we're just gonna take the jet black, shake it up so you hear those pigments, and, all you need is a couple drops, just one and two, turn on that compressor, and then we're just gonna spray into a tissue so that we know this is what is coming out. So we'll just go ahead and spray onto the tissue, and let's see. And wah-lah. So we're gonna take the same stencil that we did with the one cat eye, that she has on already, and we're going to add to it. So I'm just gonna take this middle stencil here, and since we did the cat eye very flipped up so it's very, should we say, "catty" of you to do? Ha, no.

We're gonna go ahead and do one a little bit more on a straight line, right underneath it. So, go ahead and close for me. We're gonna use the thinner edge of the stencil, so that the cat eye isn't the exact same length. And this cat eye is already pretty long, so we're gonna make a little shorter one. Good, and close. And we'll just spray, and look. Now what I've done is I've whitened our existing cat eye, so I'm going to do the same thing on the other side. And, we're gonna lay it down, and again, just spray lightly. And, rocking my lever, so now we've whitened, again, the other side. Now I'm gonna do a little wispy, and I'm gonna show you how this makes it look like eye lashes. We'll just take the same stencil again, and, go ahead and close, okay we're gonna do it above, and just the very tippy tip tip. Just rocking my lever, and then, wah-lah. You get that really cool feathered effect, so it looks like eyelashes, which I think is cool. And we'll do the same thing on the other side, just wipe your stencil, and flip it. Which is gonna help it look like lashes.

Again, just the very tippy tip tip, lay it down in whatever position you want it in and lightly spray. And you can do this all over, so not only can it be a double cat eye, but you can do little whiskies everywhere and it looks, gives kind of a really cool eye lash effect. Now, I'm gonna make that a little longer, so we'll just extend the stencil out, and lay it down, and spray, so you can really get that "rawr" effect. So again, we're gonna do the same thing on the other side, just take our stencil, wipe it clean, and flip it. And go ahead and close. And we'll just lay that down, same thing like we did before. You really have to push hard to get that line hard. And then what we're gonna do is extend it, bring it down, and actually I'm just gonna pull on her cheek a little bit, to get some of that natural fold skin out of the way. And lay down the stencil, and extend it outwards. Yeah, there we go. Looks great! So that's your double cat eye, and you can always add a little highlighter right above it, and that will give you an even more added effect.

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