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How to Spray Tan Your Body with an Airbrush

Learn how to spray tan your body with an airbrush in this Howcast video featuring Dinair Airbrush Makeup System instructor Julie Tobias.


Speaker 1: I am going to show how to air brush sunless tanning by Dinair with our air tan airbrush tanner. So all were going to have to do is take our longer hose, this our eight foot hose and attach to the body airbrush. Now this air brush actually has a cup that you fill up with tanner and you can do more areas.

So just put it on the eight foot hose and to mix it I'm just going to take the tanner it comes in light or dark which a six percent DHA or an eight percent DHA and we'll just fill up the cup probably about three quarters of the way full and it is important to shake it so you want to get those natural moisturisers so you want to shake those in. We will just fill it three quarters of the way full.

Now this is the DHA this is what tans you. Now also, when your working with this it might a good idea to use gloves so I've got vinyl gloves in case any is allergic to latex. But you can use latex gloves as well. And this helps protects your hands as your technician so we don't tan my hands. And if your doing yourself at home you don't necessarily need the gloves because you'll have a sink right there and you wash them off right away.

And what we're going to do is but the color guide in. So we have the DHA tanner filled up three quarters of the way full and we'll put about I'd say about seven drops and what we can do is but the cap back on, make sure sure it's tight and we just mix like a tornado you want to mix it.

Speaker 2: So we don't press it the same way?

Speaker 1: Nope, and there is a little hole in the top so you want to be careful that we don't tip it over. Okay, I think that's mixed enough and test to make sure the bronzer is dark enough you just lightly mist it on a certain area and we'll see what the color comes out to be. And if we need to add more bronzer it's easy to add more bronzer so you can always do that. Always spray a tissue then you know your airbrush is spraying and we're ready to go. So, I like to turn the compressor up to about one o'clock.

And we can really start anywhere but I'm going start probably somewhere in the middle just to see where we are at. And you'll start to see the color. You see it? Now make sure when you are doing the certain areas like the neck that you don't bend up and down because that's create a crease where ever you lay the tanner down. So again, I'm just going to mist it. And you can wear a swimsuit and you know Dinair also offers disposable boxers briefs and slippers. But look how fast this is. This beats going to the other tanning booth that we know about. So you want it glistening like a fish out of water, just glistening not sopping wet. And this is what people in Hollywood pay a lot of money for.

Speaker 2: How long does it last?

Speaker 1: This is going to last seven to ten days and it processes within five hours so after five hours you can take a shower and it's going to last you seven to ten days that instant glow. And you can already start to see it really dries instantly and there literally is no odder to this tanner that's another great thing that I love about it. So when you get to the arm area you just want to make sure you lift anywhere and again six inches away just like when your doing air brush make-up with air brush tanning you want to be a little further back and just do sections, sections at a time.

And it really is fast. I'm doing the back here and I'm just going to turn you so we can see. So you just do the back here, now you will have a line because what your wearing. But if you didn't want that line it's always okay to go without. Go ahead and lift up your arm and you want to get right in and if you can lift it all the way, there we go. About six inches away and anyone can really tan.

The only thing you really want to watch out for is if your in your first trimester because of course we don't want to do anything when we are pregnant because there really is no testing done on it so we just want to make sure we stay away from that. It's safe to tan all year round. So again just moving the parts, before you lay your arm down it's important to let it dry and it really dries within a couple minutes. So just do the rest of the areas till that area dries.

And you can see how even it is, when you get around the elbows be extra extra careful either extend your airbrush out a little bit and just mist it because those are dry areas which tend to suck up the tanner. And we really don't want those to tan, also watch out for the palms of the hands so if I'm doing the forearm I defiantly don't want to spray and hit the palms of the hands because those tend to tan in very odd color so we will never spray the palms of the hands. Just complete the arm and I'm going to go ahead a do her forearm just like so. Now, we can do the tops of the hands and the feet that's fine just make sure you make a little claw like that, there we go. We want to open up those knuckles, open up those natural folds in the skin and I'm just going to mist the tops and the sides.

But never heavy always super light. You can always wrap the hose around your arm too that helps to get it out of the way when your in these areas. Okay, so this is part of the upper half now, go ahead and continue on. Someone told me once that beauty is never good unless it hurts. Does this hurt?

Speaker 2: No.

Speaker 1: Well this is good still so we are going to keep on going. You just do the outside of the tops of the hands.

Now, the finger nails when we get around the finer nails this is something you can do. Dinair offers liquid latex that you can actually put onto the finger nails and that helps the over spray so that the finger nails don't tan and you don't have any polish. Okay, for this case what we can do is put a little bit of our petroleum jelly just on the tops of your nails and that helps too. And we are going to do underneath of the arm. What's great about this product is there is no over spray, it's not going on the walls so you can do yourself super easy in your bathroom. And I'm using the same compressor that I did for the air brush makeup. Again, I'm going to turn you around because you've been bad and this is your elbow again so we want to be very light on the elbow. Back up a little bit with your air brush and just lightly mist and see we mist your face so we will point it the opposite direction. Good, now if your wearing any deodorant make sure to remove that first because they tanner reacts with that.

This is almost like caramel on a hot stove it's cooking and cooking with your amino acids and that's what actually the tan does is it works with the upper most layer part of your skin. Now how do you spray you back if your by yourself in your apartment that you need to get tan to go out. You don't have to be too flexible you can always spray it and run under it. No, knock on your neighbors door and have spray your back for you.

But it's pretty easy to do everything else with the air brush just the back you might need a little extra help when we get to that point. If you have dark hair the tanner won't really effect it so putting it up is not really a huge priority but if your hair is a lighter shade make sure to put it back because the tanner will leave a little bit of deposit on the blondes.

The bronzer in this product really helps to make it even too so that's another thing I love about it. And then because this area is not quiet dry yet I'm just going to lift her hair up and then I'll turn her. It's okay to sleep in it and wash if off the next day that's absolutely fine. That's how you do a air brush tan for the upper half of your body. I hope this helps you with your air brush tanning and remember you can always use light or dark tanner depending on your skin tone.

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