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Is Airbrush Makeup Good at Covering Up Bad Skin?

Find out if airbrush makeup is good at covering up bad skin in this Howcast video featuring Dinair Airbrush Makeup System instructor Julie Tobias.


You may be wondering if air brush makeup is good for bad skin? Air brush makeup is perfect for bad skin, especially Dinair because its water-based there’s no parabens, no oils, no silicons, it's completely fragrance free, so it's basically organic makeup. It's great because it goes on in little pixels, little tiny dots of color and that's what makes your foundation. Whats around those dots of color, that are completely microscopic, is your actual natural skin showing through, and that’s what makes it look so natural under all lighting.

So if you're wondering if air brush makeup is great for bad skin, it is the only makeup for bad skin. Because you're not wiping wet makeup into the pores; it's allowing your skin in a sense to breathe, and you're not using any dirty sponges. Which we all know that sponges and brushes are actually what cause the bacteria to grow. Air brush makeup is completely sanitary.

You're actually going from the bottle of makeup straight to the cup with the airbrush, so there no cross contamination. You're not using any sponges or brushes that hold bacteria and it's super, super safe, and sanitary and so yes! Airbrush makeup is perfect for bad skin.

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