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How to Cover Acne with Airbrush Makeup

Learn how to cover acne with airbrush makeup in this Howcast video featuring Dinair Airbrush Makeup System instructor Julie Tobias.


Speaker 1: To cover acne, we're gonna use Dinair's line Colair which I absolutely love. This is the perfect line of make-up for bad skin or acne prone skin, and you do not have bad skin, by the way. So, this is our Olive Beige, C1110 in the Colair line. It's also water based and it contains no talc, no oils, no silicones, and is paraben-free. So just a few drops of Colair, and a little is all you need because Colair has a little bit more of a higher pigment, and so you don't need to actually put as much make-up on. So a little goes a long way. Now, I don't know what color yet you are, so what we're gonna do is do a color match at the same time. We're just gonna spray very, very, lightly and see if it is blending into her skin. Now you're gonna be amazed by the results, and there's actually no need to conceal her first because the Colair is a magic make-up and it's gonna cover it all in one step, which is another thing that I absolutely love about it.

Now if we are going to cover up and do some target treatment on those acne areas, then I want the make-up to be just a little bit lighter, so on those areas, I'm going to add the C106 which is comparable to the Vanilla, and we'll just add a drop to our Olive Beige combination, and so anything dark, you're going to lighten, and we can do that by just targeting in on those areas. And all with the amount of distance that you're doing with the make-up. So we shake it up, add a drop, well let's do three drops, and we're gonna backbubble it and mix it into the cup. Super easy.

Speaker 2: Did you see that?

Speaker 3: Oh wow!

Speaker 1: You can mix any shade, and then just spray it onto a tissue, so you know that it's spraying. Okay. And then we're going to go in, now that we have a lighter color, I can do a little bit of a target, and when you go in to cover certain areas, make sure that you're super close. And if you see where the air pocket is, that's where the make-up's gonna go. And just go ahead and go in, and I'm just wiggling my lever on the areas that appear to be a little more dark. And we're using basically the same color as her foundation, so look, I can just target certain areas, and then come back out and blend.

Speaker 3: It's very refreshing.

Speaker 1: Isn't it light and natural? And already you can start to see the difference. And this is good for acne scars as well as acne. So just target the areas that you want, and then come back out with your airbrus because it's a broader spray and blend all together. We'll just take this one above the eyebrow here. Now any oils that you may have on your face, it's important to make sure to remove them before you airbrush on top, because it is water-based, it doesn't like anything silicone or any oils. So I can actually take Garnier's Citrus Cleaner, and just a little bit on a cotton swab, and get those eyelids or any of those oils that may be lingering on the skin there. So we're just gonna take that off, couldn't close, yeah, she has a little bit of eye shadow, so we'll just leave that alone. Okay.

Speaker 4: How long does this make-up usually last?

Speaker 1: The make-up's gonna last as long as you are putting it on bare skin, it's gonna last about twelve hours to twenty-four hours, so it really depends on what you have underneath, there's, but it's definitely longer lasting than any traditional I've ever seen. So we're gonna go back to the Olive Beige, now that we've targeted and concealed with some of the Vanilla.

And what I did, what I did was I just buffed off some of the Vanilla that was on her nose, cause we want to go back to the Olive Beige which is the C1110 by itself, so we don't go too light. We'll just do a little bit of this, and I can just spray right on top of it. And airbrush make-up is truly forgiving. Okay, when you get around the hairline, make sure to block off the hairline with a fluffy tissue, just like this.

It's important to angle your airbrush, based on where you are on the face. So if I'm doing the sides of the nose, you wanna make sure to be on the side oft the nose. If I try and cover the sides of the nose straight on, you're just gonna get too much make-up in the front. So make sure to angle your airbrush always. Just a little airbrish make-up, and your acne or acne scars disappear. I hope this helped you when covering up your acne at home with your airbrish make-up kits.

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