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How to Make Eyebrows Look Fuller with an Airbrush

Learn how to make eyebrows look fuller with an airbrush in this Howcast video featuring Dinair Airbrush Makeup System instructor Julie Tobias.


Speaker 1: We're gonna make Kate's eyebrows a little bit fuller, so I'm gonna show you how to airbrush with eyebrow stencils and Dinair airbrush makeup. This is our airbrush, and we're gonna go and turn on the compressor.

And we have our eyebrow stencils. And what's really cool about this is there's actually eyebrow hairs, also. So, you can put little hairs back into the eyebrow. And as we know, part of the aging process is that women start to lose their brows, so this is a great way to actually put hairs back in, and it's still looking super-natural. So, I'm gonna use the solid one for a minute and then we'll go into the hairs if we need to. Uh, light smoke is the color of choice. This is from Dinair's Glamour Line, which shake it up, it's around the eyes. All you need is a couple goes quickly into the cup. And we just go ahead and spray into a tissue, so we know what color we have. Do you like that color?

Speaker 2: I do.

Speaker 1: Okay. Very good. And brows are very personal, and that's another thing that I like to do is always your clients, um, you know, what shapes they prefer, what colors they like. Because brows are something that women tend to hold on to. So, we're just gonna use the middle shape. I think that might be the right shape here. And I like to think of the eyebrow in three different sections. So, we like the beginning, the middle, and the end. So, I'm gonna focus right now on the beginning of the eyebrow, which is on the inner eyebrow here.

So, we're gonna take the inner eyebrow. If I lay it down hard, I'm gonna get a hard edge. If I create distance with a stencil, I'm gonna get a soft edge. So, I'm gonna go ahead and be right about in the middle, not touching flesh. And then just with my lever, we're gonna wiggle out a little bit of makeup at a time, focusing on the inner part of the eyebrow. And then you wanna stop and you wanna look and see if you want to add more, because eyebrows happen quickly.

Well, let's see. Did you want to add more to that inner area?

Speaker 2: I like the beginning part. It's nice.

Speaker 1: So, that's perfect! So, then we're done with that area. So, now we're gonna continue on to the inner part of the eyebrow. And you can see we've only sprayed just this outer corner. Now, I can use a different edge of a different stencil if I wanted to. So, if I wanted the tail end of one and the front end of another, you can do that as well.

So, we're gonna go ahead and go over to the middle, and if you wanted to create color where there isn't any, I'm just gonna line my stencil up and pretty flush against the skin, so I get that harder line. And we're just gonna go ahead and spray the stencil very lightly...

And watch the color land onto the skin. It looks pretty good. Go ahead and take a look.

And take them through it every step of the way. Or if you're doing yourself, do the same thing. Just...look at it every step of the way, and if there's a certain part you don't like, it's you know, it's makeup.

Speaker 2: I like, it has a nice arch to it.

Speaker 1: Yeah, it's great! It's perfect, I think. And it's adding a little bit of fullness just by adding a touch of color. So now, we're gonna concentrate on the back end of the stencil here. And...

We'll just do the tail end. And let the stencil do the work for you. Now, if any gets in there, we're gonna just go ahead and take a dry Q-tip if any overspray happens. We'll just take a dry Q-tip and roll it over that area, and it will pick it right up.

And usually, the tail end of an eyebrow is a little bit...sparse, so that's where you might spray a little bit more makeup. I think we're lookin' good.

Okay. What do you think? And then we'll flip it and do the other side.

Speaker 2: That's what I'd always tried to achieve on my own, but it's [laughing] never been consistent. That's good. I like it. It's very nice. [laughing]

Speaker 1: Another trick, you can use a little mascara wand, just to comb it out. It also helps the makeup blend in with the hairs a little. So, we're just gonna comb it. And on to the next side. All we do is wipe this stencil down, and it's gonna be perfectly clean. And we have the exact same shape on the other side. So, we'll just wipe it with a tissue. Use.... Then we can flip it over, and do the other eye. So, light smoke...make sure I have makeup in the cup of the airbrush, which I do. I always spray onto a tissue before I begin. Just like that, and we're ready to go. So, we're gonna go ahead and...

Start with the beginning of the eye and just wiggle your lever... And sometimes, you just have one or two areas that you wanna fill. It's okay just to fill in that one area. You don't need to do the whole brow if you don't need to. What's not broken, don't fix it. Right? And less is more.

So now, on to the middle part of the eyebrow...

And if you're unsure if it's spraying, just spray a little on your hand. Make sure everything is working. We're good. And we're on to the end of the eyebrow...the tail end.

And you're gonna lay it down hard if you want more of a hard edge. But a little color goes a long way. We'll just take our mascara wand and comb through.

What's great about the airbrush makeup is there's no waxy pencils, it's gonna last all day, and it's an instant gratification. It's instant color. And you look amazing! So, I hope this helped and how to airbrush your eyebrows at home.

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