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How to Mix Foundation for Airbrushing

Learn how to mix foundation to use with an airbrush in this Howcast video featuring Dinair Airbrush Makeup System instructor Julie Tobias.


Speaker 1: We've already taken off Leah's moisturizers and oils, and now we're going to mix foundation. We're going to find her perfect shade. So a rule of thumb is to always pick three shades within your shade range, one lighter, one that you think is right on, and then one darker.

You know that you're different colors throughout different seasons so it's always good to go with the darker one in the summer, and the lighter one in the winter, and you can always mix so that’s what were here to do. We're going to take our air brush and I've got two shades here we have olive beige and dark golden beige and if we need the third one we can always use a light golden beige, but were going to use olive beige and dark golden beige.

And we'll just start with a few drops, just shake it up so you can hear the pigments mixing and.. two, three, lets do four drops because a little goes a long way especially with foundation, and the dark golden beige. The dark golden beige is darker than the olive beige so its going to actually add more depth and warmth to your makeup and that's how you're going to mix your foundation.. one, two, because you have a little bit of a tan.

And then of course turn the compressor on, this is what lets the air start to flow out of the airbrush, and to mix the colors we just use a tissue or your finger and we're going to block off the air flow and we pull back on the lever and it creates bubbles it's kind of fun. Do you want to try it?

Speaker 2: Yeah sure.

Speaker 1: And it bubbles up!

Speaker 2: Yeah!

Speaker 1: And that's how easy it is to mix your airbrush foundation.

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