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How to Apply Foundation with an Airbrush

Learn how to apply foundation with an airbrush in this Howcast video featuring Dinair Airbrush Makeup System instructor Julie Tobias.


I'm going to show you how to airbrush your foundation the fastest and easiest way at home. So the first thing we want to do is mix our color. We're going to go ahead and turn on the compressor. And I've mixed two colors in the cup.

We have olive beige and dark golden beige and glamor and we're going to back bubble those. Just take a tissue and block off the airflow and we're going to back bubble. So I've got a lighter and a darker color in the cup and then spray into a tissue so you know it's coming out. Now, we just want to test it on the side of your cheek and make sure that it's the right color before we go all over.

Start moving before you pull back on the lever and we're going to be about six inches away. And we always want to take a tissue, and this is super important, that we don't want to get it into the hair. So just a cloud of tissue and let any of the overspray trickle underneath. But just a cloud of tissue, and don't hold it down hard or it's going to act like a stencil and create a line, which we don't want.

So a little fluffy tissue and we just start to spray. Just start moving. There we go. Any targeted areas that you want to hit, you want to get in super close with the air brush and pull back just a little bit on the lever and the blemish will automatically disappear. I call these our "little friends." Just keep on moving around. And this makeup's great, it's water-based. It's going to last all day for you. And all we're doing it taking out the bad and leaving all the good. I'm going to turn that up just a little bit. Again, it's super natural.

I don't want to spray too much. We can block out the eyebrows. And only spray where you need it. This makeup is a matte makeup, so if you like more of a dewy finish, you can always add the moisturizer after.

But just light, circular motions, and always keeping your distance. It should feel cool and refreshing. Just give me one second. And your two drops of dark golden beige and four drops of olive beige. We'll back bubble that. And if you start to run out of makeup, you can actually hear that sound. It's like a sound. Okay, and we'll just start spraying and we'll block off those eyelashes but you can always go back and spray those lashes if you needed to. So six inches away and just keep moving.

And light little passes at a time. Let the dots fill in. As the dots fill in, the more opaque the coverage will become. So we don't want to mask it out first because then you want to leave your natural highlight. You want those to still show through. Every pass you do, the more the dots are filling in and it's making it completely opaque. So the trick is to leave some of her skin showing through and that's what, again, makes it look so natural. Because she has beautiful skin, you don't want to take it all out to put it back in later. That's what doesn't look natural. You can get into the corners of the eyes. And that's how you do a simple, fast, airbrush makeup.

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