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How to Apply Bronzer with an Airbrush

Learn how to apply bronzer with an airbrush in this Howcast video featuring Dinair Airbrush Makeup System instructor Julie Tobias.


I am gonna show you how to bronze using diner air brush make up. Just take our air brush, turn on the compressor, and choose the bronzer of your choice. We have: Bronze, sub bronze, there is a doctor shade of your foundation range and that can also be used as a bronzer. To shake it up, for Leo we've chose bronze and a diner Glamor line; it's water based, it has a little bit of reddish under tone. With some warn, one, two, three, four drops should be enough, and again we're gonna spray on to a tissue, so you can see the color. So, where would you like to bronze?

Really, where the sun hits? So, I always like to do; of course we start on the chin and then we're going to the chick line. A little on the jaw area, under neath the chick. Because you can always put your high lights here and then bronze right under neath it and that's gonna really let that jaw line be prominent and your chick bone also will have a little lift to it. So we're just gone bronze. And we can also bronze up on the fore head, this is where the sun would naturally hit; so your skin would naturally tan and on the nose, and again on the jaw line right under neath the chick bone two fingers under neath of chick bone is where you want to put that bronzer. Almost like we did with Contory.

Gonna make a fishy face. So we're gonna bronze and then we will bronze right under the jaw line. Because the jaw is prominent and that also will take the sun, so the sun, the sun, the sun, the sun, and the sun. You can bronze down under the neck line, the sides of the nose even, so that is easy fast way to air brush on your bronzer.

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