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How to Apply Eye Shadow with an Airbrush

Learn how to apply eye shadow with an airbrush in this Howcast video featuring Dinair Airbrush Makeup System instructor Julie Tobias.


I'm going to show you how to apply the easiest eye-shadow with airbrush makeup. We're using Dinair's and Glamor line, and we're going to do a bridal eye look today. So with bridal eyes, it's best to keep it very natural and stick with pinks and purples, something that's very natural that's going to look like you when you walk down for your special day.

So I've got the Pink Blossom. We're going to shake that up. You want to hear those mixing balls. And all you need is a couple drops. And we're just going to drop that in. Three drops is good. Turn your compressor on. And always spray into a tissue so you can see that the color is coming out. So go ahead and close. And I like to put the Pink Blossom on the lower three-fourths of the eyelid. So we're just going to go ahead and start to spray two to three inches away. Start to move, and it's going to start to fall onto the eyelid. Now when you get in towards the inner part of the eyelid, you want to make sure to either pinch the bridge of the nose, because that's going to create a flat surface so you can get on the inner eye.

And same thing on the other side. Make sure that the eyelid is free of any oils. Two to three inches away. Very light and pretty. You can also use this Pink Blossom for if you need a little shimmer on the cheeks, although I don't recommend it if you're a bride, only because you have to take pictures later, and you don't want to look shiny. But you can put it to your lips. So we'll just put a little bit of Pink Blossom on those lips so we don't waste makeup. And then we'll spray out that. And we're going to go in with the [??] line. These are very super-high pigmented shimmers, and this happens to be called Villain. So you're a Villain bride. Shake it up. Couple drops. And we just spray into a tissue so you know that it's coming out. OK. And we're going to start on this side this time. And we'll just pull her hair back. We want to create a V shape, because that's the perfect eye is in. So we're just going to go ahead and focus on the outer corner of the eye. And make sure it's dry before you open. Go ahead and open. OK. And then we're going to do the same thing on the other side. Close.

And we're focusing on the outer corner of the eye. And there we go. And close. Very pretty. We can always go back in with the Pink Blossom just to give it a little bit more of a pink tone so that the purple's not taking over. Go back in with the Pink Blossom. That's our other color choice. And notice I didn't have to change in between colors. We're just going from one color back into the other. Almost like if you were using a makeup brush, it's the very same thing with an airbrush. You're just putting the color back in. So now I'm going to focus on the ball of the eye, which is on the middle. And we'll put that Pink Blossom back in. Very, very pretty. And if you want to tone it down, you always can. You've just got to put in a lighter shade, just a lighter shimmer right on top. And this is a quick how-to for your bridal eyeshadow with airbrush makeup.

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