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How to Apply Eyeliner with an Airbrush

Learn how to apply eyeliner with an airbrush in this Howcast video featuring Dinair Airbrush Makeup System instructor Julie Tobias.


I'm going to show you how to airbrush your eyeliner. We take our airbrush, and this is the Jet Black. This happens to be the Dinair Glamour line. I love this makeup. And we're just going to use a couple drops. Turn on our compressor. Spray into a tissue so that you know it's spraying. Before you do the eyeliner, you want to make sure that everything is nice and clean. And that means we want to take off this air cap and make sure that the tip of the needle is super, super-clean clean, because I'm doing delicate eye work. We need our airbrush to be running nice and smooth. So now we're going to start on this side first. And what I like to do is look at the eyelashes and go probably four eyelashes in.

And I like to start in the middle. We never want to start airbrushing the eyeliner on either end. Always start in the middle, and that gives you a little bit more room to move. And we don't want hot spots. So about four lashes in, just start in the middle. And I like to start to move with it, and I'm going to wiggle my lever until I start to feel the makeup coming out. And I'm about one inch away, and I just start to feel the makeup come out. I'm going to move with it. Now one of the tricks is to actually spray through the lash line. Not above, not below, but actually right through it. And that's when you're going to open your eye, and you're going to have top and bottom liner. Did she open her eye? OK. Close. Again, I'm going to get right in here. So we're just going to spray through the lash line. Make sure to lift up that eyebrow with your thumb, because you want to get right underneath there. And when she opens, you can actually see the liner has gone from the top and the bottom. Now to get into the inner corner of the eye, go ahead and close.

And I'm going to have you close and look to the left. Now what that does is actually putting the eyeball over here and creating a flat surface so that we can make a nice smooth line with the airbrush. So I'm going to get right into the inner corner of the eye. Same thing. Start over where you already have some of the black, and you're going to just toggle your airbrush and move the black to the inner corner, just like so. Super-easy. Again, I'm going to do the other eye, but we want to clean off that dry tip first. See that we're spraying good. So you're going to go ahead and close. Again, start four to five lashes in. I always start in the middle. Take you thumb. Lift up that brow so you can get in underneath it. And we're spraying through the lash line.

So just start, and just move with it. In the inner corner, go ahead and close and look that way for me. OK. Any overspray that you might have, just take a dry Q-tip and you can go ahead and clean up underneath, although you don't have a lot. And you're looking pretty good. OK. So that's how you airbrush your eyeline using just Jet Black and our Dinair Airbrush Kit.

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