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How to Get Dewy Skin with an Airbrush

Learn how to get dewy skin with an airbrush in this Howcast video featuring Dinair Airbrush Makeup System instructor Julie Tobias.


Speaker 1: I'm gonna show you how to moisturize your skin using an airbrush, I have Daenerys moist and doowee and this can be used three different ways. You can spray it before the makeup, after the make up or you can mixed it into the makeup, so depending on your level of dryness, will depend on how your going to use it.

If you feel like your super, super dry, dehydrated you can actually spray it before the makeup. um, if you feel like you tend to get dry through out the day or your in a climate where it is very dry. To that you can actually mixed it right into the makeup and it's also good to use in around the eye areas so that it's nice and moisturize there so, were gonna spray a little bit of moist and doowee.

Were gonna spray on after the makeup, that's what were gonna show you and so that you can see the difference and will just put a couple drops and this is ah, Squalane and it's straight right from olives so it's natural and it's actually really good night treatment to, you can use this night time before you go to bed and you only wanna spray where you feel dry so, do you feel tight anywhere or dry.

Speaker 2: Yeah, trough here and trough here and a little bit up there.

Speaker 1: Okay, so right trough here were gonna spray and then up here I wanna spray really, really minimum because you don't want that to go over oily trough out the day, that's were a cheese on this.

So we just spray a little bit and were gonna see the change happen. A little goes a long way just a couple drop, you'll start to see the transformation. you can also spray it on the lips, for a nice glossy look and in around the eye area if they feel dry. [machine sounds]

Now her skin is moisturized and I hope this has helped you if you got a airbrush or moisturizer with airbrush makeup.

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