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How to Put in Hair Highlights with an Airbrush

Learn how to put in hair highlights using an airbrush in this Howcast video featuring Dinair Airbrush Makeup System instructor Julie Tobias.


I'm gonna show you how to add to Hombre highlights using your airbrush. So we'll use the Colair line. This is the Aztec gold. Just shake it up so you hear the mixing balls. And this is a very high pigmented color. Then you go ahead and turn the airbrush on, the compressor, and we'll just add a few drops. Can you see that color?

Very great. And we're using airbrush makeup on the hair. So this airbrush makeup will actually shampoo right out. And what we'll do is we'll just lift up the hair where we see some of the natural highlight. We're just gonna lay it down onto a tissue or towel and lightly spray. And then if we need to move, we'll just move the tissue up and the tissue's catching all of the spray. And you can use different colors. You can use blues, pinks.

This just happens to be a very nice color for her natural highlight. And it just pops, it just adds a little bit of dimension. So fill a little more in. And again, this is the Aztec Gold in the Colair Dinair line. And just make sure you spread it out a little and it's gonna last throughout the whole night. If you take a brush to it, it will last as long but it will hold up and it will come out after you shampoo it. This is also a great way for you to see if you're going to like what color of highlights you've been thinking of. You can cover grays, you can fill in scalps, add a little highlight in the top and it's as simple as that to get your airbrush makeup highlights.

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