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How to Spray on 3-D Makeup with an Airbrush

Learn how to spray on 3-D makeup using an airbrush in this Howcast video featuring Dinair Airbrush Makeup System instructor Julie Tobias.


Speaker 1: I'm going to show you how to do 3-D make-up using airbrush make-up. And to use our airbrush, I have Fantasy Blue from the Dinair Line. And just to show you, we need to make sure that what ever we do we block out with the Fantasy Blue first because that's going to be the base color, but before we start, the most important part is to actual cover your beautiful dress, so I apologize. I didn't mean to scare you. We are just going to take our tissue and and we will just tuck it in. Just like we do for news casters, and just a few. We have a cape on your lap. Not that anything will spill, we just want to make sure. Do you feel more protected?

Speaker 2: Yes

Speaker 1: Okay, so we're going to start, this is our blue fantasy and what I have here is the cloud stencil by DInair and its going to help create our base shape. So we'll go ahead and just we are just going to follow the v-line of of her dress. And lets start it right about there. We just spray the edge of the stencil. Now create a shape. So its almost like she has a lace color on her dress.

You look very pretty. So the other side, after you did the other side, we are going to fill it in completely blue. Lay the stencil down hard so you get a hard edge, now we are going to fill in this whole area with just the blue. To give an even spray, just make sure you are at the right distance, about 6 inches away. And get it really nice and solid. Just to get it even. Now if you have a 3-D television at home and 3-D glass and you just gotten home from the movie and seen the Hobbit now there is something useful for those. Maybe its time that you don't recycle them. Yea, those will work. And you could see this on your computer screen or your TV screen. Now you have a base of a blue color, we will go ahead and put in our red, our yellows and our greens. So we will just spray on all the blue into a tissue and then we'll go right into, let's do the yellows. So we can go to the darker colors next. This is our special FX paint by Dinair. This is bright yellow and we will just go right in with that. And it might be a little green because we did have some blue in there, but that is okay. We will put some yellow stars in and around this area.

Hold the stencil flat so that it reads and wipe it clean. Again, hold the stencil flat so that it reads. Where is our yellow stars and we're going to airbrush the rest of that out and go in with our next color. So the next color we're going to use will be red. This is the dominant color when you are doing 3-D make-up, so this is really going to make it pop. So next we're going to lay down the red. So just a few drops, and what is nice is that these colors are so pigmented that they are actual not blending together creating too much of the purples. Now you have a lot of that red coming through. Because red is the predominant color, we're actually going to spray a custom design stencil that we created with Dinar on it, to represent the make-up that we are using today. So this is Dinar, and we are going to go ahead and spray this. Again lay it flat, and you have to walk with the stencil you can.

That means walk with the stencil with your fingers. You want to spray it dry, not too wet, or it will bleed when it leaves the stencil. And if it moves a little, move it over, here you go, so again, just going over that, and that is your prominent color. Now the only other color that we have left out would be the green, and we can go over with green. And we're are actually going to use the clouds that we used for the blue and just throw some green clouds in as well. And just spray the edge because you want it to read. You know what is really cool about this too is that you can custom cut your own stencil, so if you have a business logo or your child soccer game or football games so you can spray the school logo. Imagine doing that with 3-D glasses. Very cool. Next is our black and I put that in the air brush cup and we'll go in and whatever black you put down does have to be on the blue background. So just go ahead and lay it down flat and again if I am doing this really small areas, you need to get really super close to the airbrush so you don't hit the other spot stencil. So we are just going to do it here and there throughout the blue. Lay it down, and fade it out a little too.

If you hold the stencil down hard, you have a hard edge, and if you hold it up, you create softness. So let's see what we created. Are you ready?

Speaker 2: I'm Ready!

Speaker 1: Oh yes, you can see it.

Speaker 2: Oh. That's really cool! That's really really cool!

Speaker 1: Isn't that fun?

Speaker 2: Yeah! Oh Wow!

Speaker 1: So that's how you do 3-D airbrush make-up!

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