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Airbrush Makeup Tutorials with Dina Ousley & Julie Tobias

Learn about Dinair Airbrush Makeup System founder Dina Ousley and Dinair instructor Julie Tobias in this video.


Julie: Hi I'm Julie and I'm a makeup artist and I'm in directive training and development at Dinair Airbrush makeup and this is Dina.

Dina: And I'm Dina of Dinair and Dinair was just a gift to me to share with you and I'm still sharing. And I still work and I still love it and I've done it for 30 years and I saw makeup falling behind and HD was coming and what were we gonna do about it and Dinair just happened.

Julie: What I can't believe is that actually Dina actually created this on her kitchen counter and I don't know if a lot of people would know that but, you know I think that's amazing and I really look up to you for that so I want to thank you for creating this, for me, and I love giving tips out to people.

Dina: And it's fast, it's flawless, it takes out the bad and leaves all the good!

Julie: This is true. So because I've been with Dina for 15 years, I actually met her when I was very young I was about 20, well, 20 years old, and, I came out to L.A. from Utah,and I took an acting class and I ran into Dina through my acting teacher and that's how I met Dina. But I've always loved your makeup and I've done theater my whole life and that's how I really fell in love with it and I actually started at the department store behind the counter and she came to and I thought, wow what is this airbrush? And everybody was jealous around me where I worked and it was such an honor to be part of something so new, even though it had been around, but so new to me and to actually just slip under her wing and to learn all of her secrets and I'm just happy to have known you for so long and I love the makeup and i love the product and I really think it's a great system.

Dina: It works.

Julie: It does work.

Dina: It's fine art meets makeup meets technology. So if you wanna know more about Dinair, you can reach us at dinair. com or

Julie: There's also new videos! All the time we're always posting new videos and new tips and tricks and color collections so all of that is available on our website as well. We have lots of distributors all around the country. So whether you're in Japan or Jamaica, you're going to find somebody who sells Dinair. Nobody knows but the best, Dina Elsley, and she has taught us all of the tricks and the trades of the airbrush world and I'm excited to share with you now in this short series of how to airbrush makeup. Some of our tips and tricks that we've learned along the way.

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