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How to Do Leg Drops

Learn how to do leg drops from certified personal trainer Amanda Edell in this Howcast ab workout video.


So, I'm going to demonstrate for you how to do leg drops. So, you're going to lie back on your back. So, you're going to make sure your back is flush against the ground So, I'm going to start with normal leg drops, you're legs are going to go straight up. So, if this is hard enough for you you can just stay here. you want to make sure that you're completely engaged in your abs, your rib cage is down and your back is flat. If you want more, if this is not challenging enough for you, then you can go ahead and lower your legs, but only lower until you feel it in your back and you can't go anymore because you feel like your back is going to compensate. You don't want the compensation of your lower back coming off the ground.

So, for me, my range of motion is right here. So, this is challenging enough for me because if I go any lower, my back will start to arch and we don't want that. So, you can either stay here or you can either come up and down. This is an extremely effective exercise but you have to be aware of keeping your back flat against the ground and your breathing.. And that's how you do leg drops.

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