How to Do the Dead Bug Exercise

Learn how to do an exercise called the dead bug from certified personal trainer Amanda Edell in this Howcast ab workout video.


I'm gonna demonstrate for you how to do the dead bug and in about two seconds you'll see why it's called the dead bug. So you're gonna lie back on your back, you're gonna leave, this is where I want you to start for now. Bring up your right arm and your left leg is gonna go up you're gonna reach your hand to your toe and extend them as low as you can without compromising anything going on your back so you want to keep your back flush against the ground, your abdominals are nice and engaged.You can stay to one side. So, for example you'd go ten reps here and then you can switch, you go ten reps on the other side.

The most important thing here guys is that you're really staying flat and you're really engaging your core the entire time. Your breathing should be synchronized with the lifting. Now if that's too easy, you're gonna raise both legs up, raise your arms up, you're gonna extend the opposite arm and leg outward. And again only as low as you can without compensation of the lower back lifting. So that is a progression of the dead bug. This is a great ab exercise and it's also a good way to warm up the body before your workout. And that's how you do the dead bug.

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