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How to Do a Pelvic Tilt

Learn how to do a pelvic tilt from certified personal trainer Amanda Edell in this Howcast ab workout video.


so let me demonstrate how to do a basic pelvic tilt um this is a great exercise if your a beginner um its very safe so when you think of core exercise you may not necessarily think of the pelvic tilt however you have to keep in mind that the core is everything and the pelvic floor muscles are very much involved in strengthening your core its a part of your core and you definitely want to work on it so you know lie back arms are going to be down by your side so you can move your heels in I would say a little I would say about an inch or two in front of your knee caps you want to have your knees at about ninety degrees like so and your heels are about an inch in front of you maybe two inches now the key here is if you want more gluts when you do this move your heels in closer to you if you want more hamstrings you would walk your heels out I'm going to put them in the middle so I get both best of both worlds so what your gonna do before you do anything your gonna squeeze your gluts a lot of people don't know how to do that simple task we don't use a lot of our muscles in our posterior chain so we don't use a lot of our hamstrings and our gluts we sit all day a lot of us so you don't know what that feels like a good analogie I like to use is think about squeezing a quarter between your butt cheeks and try to keep it there kinda weird but it works so once we activate our gluts we're gonna lift your hips up toward the sky keep your gluts engaged as you come down your gonna lose that tightness which is okay I want you to tap the ground right back up your squeezing your gluts as hard as you can I'm lifting my toes to ensure that my quads are not kicking in your gonna go about fifteen to twenty reps if your quad dominate I would highly recommend that you lift your toes for example if your feeling it in your quads when your doing this exercise lift your toes if your feeling it mostly in the hamstrings if your calves are kicking in then bring your heels in closer to your butt you want to be sure your really engaging your gluts and using that little analogie usually works for most people and thats how you do a basic pelvic tilt

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