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How to Do a Figure 8 Pelvic Tilt

Learn how to do a figure 8 pelvic tilt from certified personal trainer Amanda Edell in this Howcast ab workout video.


I am gonna demonstrate how to do a figure eight public taut. This is a progression from a normal public taut. So, what you're gonna do; is you're gonna lie back. So, it's called a figure eight because it kind of looks like that. So, you're gonna come up on to your heel on the leg that's on the ground, I like to lift my toe because it takes the quads of the equation; it should be working your hamstrings, you gluts, and your public floor muscles. So, what you're gonna do, you're gonna squeeze your glutes as hard as you can, lift your hips up to the sky, get that full hip extension, come down you're gonna top the ground and you're gonna go right back up into it.

So, I really like this one because the fact that it is also opening up in the hips you'll feel hip stretch in here as well, which is great for all of us who, sit all day, it's opening up our hip flexibilities as well. So, you'll do one side and then do the other, again lifting our toe; driving through that heel, squeezing your glute in your hips; at the top as high as you can go, drop that down and go right back up into it.

So, you could go 15 to 20 reps here. 3 sets, it's a preference. Where ever you are just make sure you're feeling it; at the top you're really squeezing and engaging your glouts and it's. going right back up in to it. The most important thing is full hip extension at the top. And that's how you figure eight a public taut.

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