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How to Do Mountain Climber on Medicine Ball

Learn how to do a mountain climber on a medicine ball from certified personal trainer Amanda Edell in this Howcast ab workout video.


So I'm going to demonstrate how to do a mountain climber on a medicine ball. This is a progression from a regular mountain climber on the floor. Either on your hands or your forearms, because of the fact you are on-on a unstable surface it makes it that more challenging. It's going to engage much more core though.

So it's a great exercise. So the first thing you want to do is get your hands on the med ball. Just like so. I would lift yourself up in the plank position make sure you feel stable, because your going to start moving your legs. If this is hard enough here and this is challenging then stay here and hold this. So, the mountain climber you're just going to bring one knee in and alternate with the other. Right and left, right and left all the while you are staying engaged in your abs and your pelvis is tucked under.

Okay. If you want this to get more challenging. If you want more just alternate a little faster. Just like so. So it's great because, not only is it working your core it's getting your heart rate up and it's also working your-your balance as well, because you're on that unstable surface and that's how you do a mountain climber on a medicine ball.

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