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How to Do a Body Saw Exercise with Gliders

Learn how to do a body saw exercise with gliders from certified personal trainer Amanda Edell in this Howcast ab workout video.


Amanda: So I'm going to demonstrate how to do a body saw with gliders. So these are gliders, they're basically just sliding discs. You can use them on hardwood floors, and they also come in plastic so that you can actually use them at home on your carpet. So, what I'm gonna show you is the body saw. We're gonna put the gliders behind us, we're gonna get into a position...the toes are gonna go on the middle of the gliders, we're gonna go onto our forearms okay. You want to make sure your alignment is right here, your elbows always under your shoulders.

So, you're gonna extend your legs straight out just like that, and what I want you to do is shift your body weight just back and forth. It's a small movement, but it's very works very well for the lower abs, and it's very effective for your internal/ external obliques...and your inner diaphragm as well. Be aware of your breathing whenever you're doing anything prone like that, it's very important. And that's how you do the body saw on the gliders.

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