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How to Say "That's Amazing" in Australian Slang

Learn how to say "that's amazing" in Australian slang with this Howcast video.


How to say "that's amazing" in Australian. Bewdy. Amazing. Bewdy. Amazing. Now you try. You might also say "bewdy bottler." That's amazing. Bewdy bottler. That's amazing. Now you try.

For example, you might say, "She's a bewdy bottler, mate! A real 10 outta 10." If you're watching the cricket test match and Michael Clarke hits it out of the field, you might say, "Howzat! Bewdy bottler, mate!"

You might also want to say excellent in Australian. Bewdy bonza. Excellent. Bewdy bonza. Excellent. Now you try. For example, you might say, "That's bewdy bonza!" Or simply after hearing some good news, you might say, "Bewdy bonza!"

And that's how you say "that's amazing" in Australian.

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