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How to Say "Men's Swimsuit" in Australian Slang

Learn how to say "men's swimsuit" in Australian slang with this Howcast video.


How to say "Men's Swimsuit" in Australian.

Budgie smugglers, men's swimsuit. Budgie smugglers, men's swimsuit. Now you try.

You might also say boardies or boardshorts. Boardies, men's swimsuit. Boardies, men's swimsuit. Now you try.

Men's swimsuits can look like they are smuggling a budgerigar bird in their underwear style swimsuit. For example you might say "Grab ya budgie smugglers and we'll go for a dip in the ocean." "I don't wear budgie smugglers. I'll grab my boardies."

And that you say men's swimsuit in Australian.

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